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Farm Jobs in China With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Farm jobs in China that will pay for your visa in 2024 for people from outside of China: There is no better chance for unskilled workers in Pakistan than Farm Jobs in China with visa sponsorship. This is because China has the world’s largest agricultural output, supporting more than 20% of the world’s population with its 10% share of the world’s total agricultural output. Along with some other fruits and veggies, China grows the most potatoes in the world.

China has to put a lot of effort into agriculture because it has the world’s largest population to feed. It needs to do a lot of research, come up with new ideas, and set higher output goals. Because of this change, new jobs can be made in the Chinese Farm and Agriculture Sector. Because of this, the Chinese government supports visas for skilled foreign workers because the Chinese people themselves are more interested in modern industrial jobs. China is the center of technology and industrialization.

This post is about Farm Jobs in China 2024 with Sponsored Visa. You can apply for Farm Jobs in China online, which is the best thing about them. The government has also made the process easier. In the same way, state rules for farm workers are made easier to understand and more formalized. For those who get a job offer but don’t have a company who will sponsor their visa, they must apply for a Z visa (Chinese Work Visa).

Details of Farm Jobs in China with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Farm Jobs
  • Country: China
  • Expected Salary: Averagely CNY 17,600 a year
  • Free Food: Yes. By some employers
  • Free Accommodation: Yes. Some employers
  • Health Insurance: Yes
  • Employee benefits: Yes

Top In-demand Farm Jobs available in China with visa sponsorship:

According to various web sources, the following farm job roles are in the highest demand:

  1. Farmer/ Farm Hand/ Farm person.
  2. General Farm Head.
  3. Fruit/Vegetable Pickers and Packers.
  4. Dairy/ Livestock Workers.
  5. Fruit/ Veg Manager and Assistant Manager.
  6. Irrigation Operators.
  7. General Labourers.
  8. Sales Associate Merchandising.
  9. Farm Technical Trainee.
  10. Accounts Lead.
  11. Chain Manager.
  12. Cashier.
  13. Product Manager.
  14. Forest Interns.
  15. Cattle/ Livestock Attendants.
  16. Animal Sciences Researchers/ Specialists.
  17. Veterinary doctor/ Assistant.
  18. Price reporter.
  19. Retail Team member.
  20. Agriculture Analyst.
  21. Delivery experts/ Drivers.
  22. Quality control experts.
  23. Winter Harvest Farm Workers.
  24. Summer Harvest Farm Workers.
  25. In-Store Team members.
  26. Warehouse Operators/ workers.
  27. Climate Smart Agriculture Officials.
  28. Sales Manager/ Talent Manager/ Other management roles.
  29. Agriculture Research Associate.
  30. Agro-Science educators

What types of Farms are present in China- Farms that have Jobs with Visa Sponsorship?

China is the biggest farming country in the world. They grow corn, millet, barley, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, rice, and everything else you can think of. But not all farms in China are natural, since only 10% of the country’s land can be used for farming. The rest are greenhouse farms that were built by people. In order to find work, you should look for farm jobs in China that will sponsor your visa on the following farms:

  • Corn Farms.
  • Millet Farms.
  • Oat Farms.
  • Tomato Farms.
  • Sweet Potatoe Farms.
  • Rice Farms.
  • Wheat Farms.
  • Soybeans Farms.
  • Barley Farms.
  • Tea Farms (Black Tea, Jasmine Tea, Green Tea).
  • Sorghum Farms.
  • Cotton Farms.
  • Dairy/ Milk Farms.
  • Beef Farms.
  • Poultry Farms.
  • Mandarin Farms.
  • Sugarcane/ Sugar Beet Farms.
  • Oilseed Farms.
  • Apple Farms.
  • Pears Farms.


The job description for the farm includes the following skills and requirements:

  • Not skilled For jobs on a farm, you don’t need to have a certain level of education, but for jobs in finance, management, animal sciences, or agricultural study, you do. Some companies want at least a secondary education, even for low-skilled farm jobs like being a farmer.
  • You must have worked in the agriculture industry before.
  • At least the most basic level of Chinese.
  • Before coming to the U.S., a candidate must be physically fit and have a medical license. This is because farm jobs require a lot of standing, stooping, and bending. Educated farm jobs are mostly office jobs that don’t have these kinds of situations.
  • Farm workers need to be able to coordinate their minds and hands well and know what they’re doing. For example, a salesperson needs to know a lot about his field and be very good at it.
  • Anyone in any job needs to be able to talk to and help customers well.
  • You need to have a work sponsor and a valid job offer from your company. If not, you will have to get your own work visa.
  • To work in or move to China, you must be legally able to do so.

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  • Work Visa Sponsorship: Many farm jobs in China come with work visa sponsorship, which lets foreigners live and work freely in the country. This sponsorship makes it easier to move to China and makes sure that Chinese labor rules are followed.
  • Cultural Experience: Working on a farm in China is a one-of-a-kind way to learn about Chinese culture. It gives people the chance to live in the countryside of China, learn about traditional farming methods, and interact with locals.
  • Language Skills Development: Working on a farm is a good way to improve your language skills, especially your Mandarin Chinese. Talking to local farmers and people who live there can help you improve your language skills, which is good for your personal and career growth.
  • Experience: Working on a farm gives you experience with many farming tasks, like growing, harvesting, watering, and taking care of animals. People who are interested in farming or who want to improve their farming skills will benefit from this hands-on experience.
  • Exposure to Sustainable Practices: Many farms in China stress sustainable farming methods, such as organic farming, food rotation, and saving water. People can learn about and help with healthy agriculture by working in these kinds of places.
  • Health Benefits: Working on a farm often requires hard physical work and time spent outside, which is good for your health and fitness. Getting some fresh air, doing physical activities, and spending time in nature can all be good for your health.
  • Steady Employment: China’s agriculture industry is very important and provides steady jobs. Farm workers with the right skills and experience are in high demand, which means they can expect to have stable jobs and the chance to work there for a long time.
  • Competitive Pay: Some farm jobs in China can offer competitive pay deals, depending on the type of farm and the job. This could include pay, a place to stay, food, and other perks.
  • Networking: People who work on farms can make connections with people who work in agriculture, farmers’ groups, government agencies, and agricultural companies. These links can help you get jobs or work together in the future.
  • Contribution to Food Security: People who work on farms directly improve China’s food security by growing crops. People who work in gardening are very important for making sure there is food and that it will last.

General Description of Farm Jobs/ Farm Work Settings

Each worker has a different job description that is based on the farm where he works, his role, the conditions set by his boss, the crops grown on the farm, and other factors. However, the following are general farm duties:

  • Grow plants and harvest them or Watch over every part of their production and sale, from planting the seeds to figuring out how much they sold.
  • To figure out how to grow and sell crops and animals, look at the soil, the market, state and federal rules, and the federal programs that are available.
  • Fix and take care of farm tools.
  • Take care of farm facilities like waterways, hoses, fences, animal shelters, food and fertilizer stock, and more.
  • Watching over everything that goes into growing crops and raising animals, such as planting, fertilizing, reaping, and herding.
  • Take care of all the selling of crops and animals, and keep track of sales numbers, records, and other things. To put it another way, you should sell goods or animals.
  • Keep all the important farm records, like records of sales, output, taxes, and employees.
  • Pick out the best seeds, fertilizers, machinery, maintenance supplies, and other farm goods and buy them.
  • Watching over the farm and the people who work there.
  • Talking to or coordinating with clients.
  • Figure out the best ways to gather and breed animals or crops.
  • Implementing best health steps for livestock after coordinating with a vet.
  • As told by salespeople, coworkers, or agricultural experts, increase production and sales as much as possible.
  • Taking care of the farm.
  • Doing physical work when it’s needed.

Average Salary of a Farm Worker in China:

Yes, it does rely on a lot of things, such as the type of farm you work on, your qualifications, your past experience, your duty hours, and the type of job you have. Salary Explorer, on the other hand, says that the average farm worker makes between CNY 17,500 and 17,800 per month, with CNY 7,410 per month being the lowest and CNY 43,600.

How to Apply for Farm Jobs in China with visa sponsorship?

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Farm jobs in China that support visas are a great way for people from outside of China to learn about Chinese culture, improve their language skills, and help make farming more sustainable. These jobs offer good pay, perks, and steady work, making them a good choice for people who want to work in agriculture. People who want to work on farms in China can be successful if they know what the job standards are and how to apply.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the requirements to work on a farm in China with visa sponsorship?

    Requirements for farm jobs in China typically include previous experience in agriculture, basic knowledge of Chinese, physical fitness, a valid job offer with a work sponsor, and eligibility to work legally in China.

  2. What are the top in-demand farm jobs available in China with visa sponsorship?

    Some of the top in-demand farm jobs in China include Farmer/Farm Hand, General Farm Head, Fruit/Vegetable Pickers and Packers, Dairy/Livestock Workers, Irrigation Operators, Sales Associates, Animal Sciences Researchers, and more.


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