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Accredited Sponsorship Companies Jobs in New Zealand 2024

Applicants can apply for the NZ Work Visa Sponsorship by filling out an application with a New Zealand Accredited Sponsorship Companies Jobs that has been approved by the New Zealand Government. Accredited employers in New Zealand are those who are authorized and permitted to hire a foreign worker for a job through an “NZ Accredited Employer Work Visa.” The maximum period of an AEWV will be increased from three to five years beginning. So, in this essay regarding NZ Visa Sponsorship Jobs, I will go through everything.

Allow me to assist you. Accredited Employers are New Zealand companies that have been approved to sponsor your work visa. As a result, always apply to an Accredited Company. Accredited Sponsor Companies in New Zealand offer tens of thousands of jobs. I’ve put together a list of New Zealand Accredited Sponsorship Companies Jobs 2024.

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Details About Accredited Sponsorship Companies Jobs in New Zealand

  • Job Country: New Zealand
  • Companies: Accredited Employers New Zealand
  • Visa Type: Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

You must first have a job offer from an Accredited Employer Work Visa in order to apply for the Accredited Employer Work Visa. The following is a list of New Zealand Approved Accredited Companies.

Who can Apply:

The Accredited Employer Work Visa is open to people from all around the world. However, you must have a work offer from a New Zealand-accredited firm.

List of Accredited Employers in NZ

This list has been authorized and may be found on the New Zealand Immigration Website. You can find jobs by contacting employers or visiting their websites.

The NZ Government has currently accredited 299 enterprises.

  • AFFCO Holdings Limited clone ACC Access Community Health Limited
  • Air New Zealand Alliance Group Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Altus NZ Limited Alsco NZ Limited
  • New Zealand’s ANZ Bank Limited
  • Arvida Ltd.
  • Asaleo Care New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Bank ASB Limited
  • Auckland Meat Processors Limited Auckland Council
  • Limited AWF
  • Best Start Bank of New Zealand Educare Ltd.
  • Limited Bidfood
  • Limited Building Supplies Distribution
  • Bunnings Warehouse Limited
  • Bupa Care Services New Zealand Limited
  • Christchurch City Council is a subsidiary of Chubb New Zealand City Care Limited.
  • Canterbury CMP Limited
  • New Zealand Compass Group Limited
  • Datacom New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • DEKRA New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Fitzroy Limited Department of Corrections Department of Conservation
  • Downer New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Electrix Ltd.
  • Enterprise Recruitment Limited EastPack Limited
  • New Zealand Fire and Emergency Service
  • Fletcher Building Holdings Limited is an abbreviation for Fletcher Building Holdings
  • Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • North Island Foods Limited
  • South Island Foods Limited
  • Freightways Express Ltd.
  • Fulton Hogan & Company
  • George Weston Foods (New Zealand) Limited
  • Giltrap Group Holdings Limited is a company based in the United Kingdom.
  • Go-Bus Holdings Ltd.
  • Godfrey Hirst New Zealand Limited
  • Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Premier Meats Greenlea Limited
  • New Zealand Healthcare Limited
  • Hellers Ltd.
  • Hirepool Ltd.
  • Holcim (New Zealand) Limited H J Heinz Company (New Zealand) Limited
  • W. Richardson Group Limited is a limited liability company.
  • Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Limited ISO Limited IHC New Zealand Incorporated
  • ISS Holdings New Zealand Limited
  • Kiwi Lumber Holdings Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • KiwiRail Ltd.
  • Kmart New Zealand Holdings Limited
  • Landcorp Farming Ltd.
  • Lion New Zealand Limited
  • Limited Livestock Improvement Corporation
  • Lyttelton Port Company Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Mainfreight Ltd.
  • Mercury New Zealand Limited
  • Metlifecare Ltd.
  • Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation, and Employment Ministry of Health Ministry of Primary Industries
  • Move Logistics Group Limited is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Limited National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
  • The New Zealand Defence Force, the New Plymouth District Council, and the New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited
  • New Zealand Bus Company Limited
  • The New Zealand Police Department has incorporated New Zealand Cricket.
  • Post New Zealand Limited
  • New Zealand Rugby Union established New Zealand Steel Limited.
  • New Zealand Sugar Company Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Oceania Care Company Limited is a company based in Australia.
  • Oji Fibre Solutions (New Zealand) Limited
  • One New Zealand Group Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • OneStaff Ltd.
  • Ovation New Zealand Limited – Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children
  • PAE (New Zealand) Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Pan Pacific Forest Products Ltd.
  • Ports of Auckland Limited PGG Wrightson Limited
  • Progressive Meats Limited Powell Transport Limited Powernet Limited
  • Recreational Services Limited Ravensdown Limited
  • Red Stag Timber Ltd.
  • Riverlands Limited Restaurant Brands Limited
  • Ryman Healthcare Ltd.
  • Limited Sanford
  • The Sealord Group Limited
  • Limited Silver Fern Farms
  • Skellerup Industries AB
  • SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited is a company based in Hong Kong.
  • Southern Cross Healthcare Limited is a company that provides healthcare services.
  • Spark New Zealand Trading Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Spectrum Foundation Steel and Tube Holdings Limited is a steel and tube holding company.
  • Northern Steel Building Products Limited
  • StraitNZ Ltd.
  • Summerset Management Group Ltd is a limited liability company.
  • Tait International Limited is a company based in Taiwan.
  • Talley’s Ltd.
  • Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Capital Coast, Coast, and Hutt Valley
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Hutt Valley (Hutt Valley), Capital, and Coast
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Tararua MidCentral Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Hawke’s Bay – Te Matau a Mui
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Marlborough, Nelson
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Manukau County
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Southern
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Thank you for visiting the Bay of Plenty.
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Whatu Ora Te Tai Tokerau – Health New Zealand Auckland’s Te Toka Tumai
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Health New Zealand Taranaki Te Whatu Ora Canterbury (Waitaha)
  • Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Te Whatu Ora Waikato – Health New Zealand Waitemat Te Whatu Ora – New Zealand Health Preston Whanganui Limited
  • Partnership Tenon Clearwood Ltd
  • Terra Industrial New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.
  • Limited by The Warehouse Group
  • TDX Limited Tradestaff Group Limited
  • United Fisheries Ltd.
  • United Steel Corporation
  • Ventia NZ Operations Limited University of Auckland University of Otago University of Waikato
  • Visy Glass Operations (New Zealand) Limited
  • Watercare Services Limited Waste Management NZ Limited
  • Westpac New Zealand Limited is a subsidiary of Wellington City Council.
  • Wilson Hellaby Ltd.
  • Woolworths New Zealand Limited is a company based in New Zealand.

Check if the Employer is Accredited or Not

You can use this tool to find out if an employer is currently accredited or not. You can search by company name.

Also, you can check the complete list of NZ Approved Companies that can Sponsor work visas:

Benefits of Accredited Sponsorship Companies Jobs in New Zealand

  • Employment Opportunities: The likelihood of obtaining employment in New Zealand is enhanced when one is sponsored by an accredited company. These businesses are frequently in need of qualified personnel and are willing to assist qualified individuals with their immigration applications.
  • Immigration Support: New Zealand immigration authorities grant approval to accredited sponsorship organizations. This indicates that their procedures for sponsoring foreign laborers, assisting with visa applications, and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations are streamlined.
  • Work-Life Balance: A healthful work-life balance is a hallmark of the New Zealand work environment. Numerous businesses across the nation place an emphasis on the welfare of their employees by providing reasonable work hours and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Quality of Life: In global quality of life indices, New Zealand consistently maintains a high ranking. Gaining employment with accredited sponsorship companies can grant one entry to a way of life distinguished by picturesque natural surroundings, a comparatively sparse population, and a robust communal spirit.
  • Diverse Work Environments: The economy of New Zealand is multifaceted, encompassing sectors such as technology, healthcare, agriculture, and tourism. Recognized sponsorship organizations operate across diverse sectors, providing a multitude of employment prospects for proficient individuals.
  • Cultural Diversity: Working for accredited sponsorship companies provides the opportunity to experience and contribute to the multicultural society of New Zealand. Incorporating diverse perspectives and origins into one’s professional and personal life can be extremely beneficial.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment in New Zealand presents prospects for establishing a professional network within the nation. Engaging in this network could potentially foster professional development and provide access to forthcoming prospects within the field.
  • Competitive Salaries: A considerable number of reputable sponsorship organizations provide competitive salaries, thereby guaranteeing that personnel are compensated equitably in accordance with their expertise and contributions. The robust economy of New Zealand is a factor in the country’s comparatively appealing compensation programs.
  • Career Development: Frequently, accredited organizations allocate resources towards fostering the professional growth and advancement of their workforce. This may encompass mentorship initiatives, educational programs, and assistance with obtaining additional credentials or certifications.
  • Access to Social Services and Healthcare: The healthcare system in New Zealand is firmly established, and access to these services is generally granted to employees who are employed by accredited companies. In addition, residents may qualify for benefits and social services.

People Also Ask:

  1. Can I get sponsored to work in New Zealand?

    Residents of New Zealand and citizens, as well as organizations such as registered businesses, established communities, charity trusts, and government departments, may sponsor visa applications.

  2. Do I qualify as a sponsor?

    To become a sponsor, you have to agree to provide monetary assistance to those whom you are sponsoring for a longer period of time. This has been referred to as a commitment. The commitment requires you to provide monetary assistance for your supported family members, starting with their ongoing residence.


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