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Busser Jobs For Foreigners in Denver Colorado USA 2024

Jobs as a busser in Denver for foreigners Colorado: If you’re looking for work in the West, Denver, Colorado, is the best place to go. Throughout history, it has been called the Queen City of the Plains and the Queen City of the West. Its location is central compared to the rest of Western America, and its metropolitan area is the most popular in a 560-mile (900 km) radius. This city is both an industrial hub and a farming giant, and it makes a big difference in the farming business of the High Plains.

The Denver economy continues to add tens of thousands of jobs every year, according to the Job list. Also, Denver has a high cost of living, just like any other big city. However, the city also has a high standard of living. Businesses in Denver are very nice to their workers and offer them a lot of great benefits, like flexible and easy work schedules, the chance to work from home, and long vacations. These benefits are meant to attract workers and keep them in the city’s economy.

This post is meant to bring to light a great job chance for people who are unemployed and have worked in a restaurant or hotel before (it doesn’t have to be high-end experience). This is the job of a bartender or busser helper. Before the job, you need to look over some important details, such as whether you meet the pre-qualifications, the job standards, the skills needed, the work environment, and so on. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Busser Jobs for outsiders in Denver, Colorado.

Details of Busser Jobs For Foreigners in Denver Colorado USA

  • Job title: Busser/ Bartender helper
  • Country: USA
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Expected Salary: $13.18 per hour
  • Free Food: Yes.
  • Free Accommodation: Mostly No
  • Health Insurance: Mostly Yes
  • Employee benefits: Yes

Qualifications requirements of Busser Jobs

  • There is no minimum level of schooling needed.
  • There is no minimum amount of experience needed, but it would be best if you had worked as a waitress, bartender, barback, or in any other restaurant or cafe job.
  • You should officially be able to work in the US and have a valid work visa or green card for work there.
  • You should be able to speak English very well.
  • Great communication and customer service skills.
  • In-depth understanding of rules for keeping food clean and safe.
  • A candidate can’t have a past of crime. According to state and federal laws, anyone with a criminal record could get a job.
  • Those who want to work there must be willing to work different shifts based on what the store needs.
  • Those who want to apply must know how to prepare and serve food. To that end, applicants who have worked as chefs before would be given more weight.
  • The applicant must be busy, have a lot of energy, and work well with others.
  • The person applying must be able to learn quickly, work well with their hands and mind, and be able to quickly adjust to work settings.

Responsibilities of Busser Jobs

  • Setting up the eating areas before guests arrive or when old customers leave and new ones come in.
  • Putting candles, napkins, cloths, and flowers on tables to decorate them.
  • Putting condiments, plates, cups, and other tableware on tables and refilling drinks.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the whole diner and its grounds.
  • Assist the wait staff in quickly setting up and clearing the tables.
  • Take the lead.
  • Making sure that cups stay full by serving and reserving water and drinks. In the same way, restock other snacks when they are bought again.
  • Getting rid of the trash and dirty dishes that are on the table.
  • Cheese balls, stuffed mushrooms, and breadsticks are some of the welcome snacks and starters that will be served.
  • To make sure that a restaurant’s daily activities go smoothly and that customers have a great time while they eat.
  • To make personalized silverware sets for customers or guests who have kids or people who are disabled.

Average Salary of a Busser in Denver, Colorado, USA

The average salary of a busser depends on a lot of things, such as your experience, skill level, the cafeteria or restaurant where you work, how well-known the place is or how many customers come in every day, your employer’s rules and regulations, and so on. But Salary Explorer says that a busser makes between $13.15 and $13.18 an hour in Denver, Colorado, and everywhere else in the USA.

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Benefits of Busser Jobs

  • Entry-Level Job: Busser jobs are often thought of as entry-level jobs in the hospitality business, so they can be filled by foreigners looking for their first job in the United States.
  • Work Experience: Being a busser in a busy restaurant is a great way to gain useful work experience. People from other countries who want to learn how to deal with customers, work as a team, and handle their time can benefit from this experience.
  • People from all over the world live in Denver, making it a very diverse place. As a busser, you can talk to both locals and tourists, which is great for exchanging cultures and improving your language skills.
  • Tips and incentives: Bussers get paid by the hour, but customers often leave tips, which can add to their earnings. Some restaurants may also give benefits or bonuses based on how well employees do their jobs.
  • Flexible Hours: Many places in Denver let bussers set their own hours, so they can balance work with other obligations, like school or family duties.
  • Opportunities to Network: If you work in the hospitality business, you can meet people who work in the food and beverage industry. This kind of networking can help you find a job or make links in your field.
  • Discounts for employees: Some places give discounts on meals or other perks to employees, so bussers can eat out at a lower cost.
  • Career Advancement: Being a busser is an entry-level job, but it can help you get into other roles in the food business. Bussers may be able to move up to jobs like server, bartender, or boss if they work hard and are dedicated.
  • Training and Development: A lot of places teach their bussers how to run the restaurant, handle customers, and keep the food safe. This training helps people get better at their jobs and grow as professionals.
  • Job Stability: There is a steady need for hospitality services in Denver’s restaurant business, so jobs are usually stable. This can help bussers keep their jobs, especially in restaurants or groups that have been around for a while.

How to Apply for Busser Jobs for Foreigners in Denver, Colorado

More Info

  1. Is being a busser a hard job?

    Bussing is a physically demanding job. Bussers spend most of their time on their feet, which can be tiring, especially during long shifts. Bussers must have good lifting techniques and take breaks as needed. Bussers must often bend to clear tables and lift heavy objects, such as trays of dishes.

  2. Do bussers get tips? 

    Often, bussers get the minimum wage as their base pay, plus tips from each server. A restaurant may require servers to tip out bussers as a percentage of their daily sales. For example, Server Suzy’s daily sales are $1,500. Her restaurant requires her to tip all the bussers on the shift 2.6% of her sales.

  3. What job is a busser? 

    The busser works at a restaurant and contributes to a pleasant dining experience by cleaning and setting tables, restocking plates, or (at times) serving food. This is a common entry-level position at restaurants where servers don’t bus their own tables.


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