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Corporate Sales Manager Jobs in Canada – Visa Sponsorship

Do you possess exceptional corporate sales management skills and a fervent dedication to fostering business expansion? As a prominent provider of technology solutions, Mobile Squad is in search of a dynamic individual to join our team. We are pleased to present a compelling opportunity for a Corporate Sales Manager, which includes the provision of visa sponsorship.

Details About Corporate Sales Manager Jobs in Canada:

  • Title: Corporate Sales Manager Jobs in Canada – Visa Sponsorship
  • Company: Mobile Squad
  • Job Position: Corporate Sales Manager
  • Job Types: Full Time // Part Time
  • Education: Bachelor // Diploma // Secondary
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Minimum Experience: Min 1 – 3 Years of experience
  • Salary: $58.00 hourly / 33 hours per week
  • Location: 16 Westway Road, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3X3, Canada

Job Overview:

In the capacity of a Corporate Sales Manager at Mobile Squad, your responsibilities will be paramount in facilitating the expansion of revenue and sales via business development strategies and corporate partnerships. Visa sponsorship is provided for this position, which makes it an outstanding option for professionals seeking career advancement in Canada.

Job Responsibilities of Corporate Sales Manager Jobs in Canada:

Your primary duties as a Corporate Sales Manager will consist of the following:

  • Strategic sales plan development and execution to reach or surpass corporate sales objectives.
  • Targeting and identifying prospective business partners and clients.
  • Developing and sustaining solid rapport with influential decision-makers.
  • Performing competitor analysis and market research to identify growth opportunities.
  • Supervising a sales team and offering direction and assistance to accomplish shared objectives.
  • Supervising sales metrics and providing senior management with progress reports.

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Qualifications/Skills for Corporate Sales Manager Jobs in Canada:

To be successful in this position, you must possess:

  • Proven business development and corporate sales experience.
  • Proficient in both negotiation and communication.
  • Proficient in both team management and leadership.
  • Capabilities in strategic reasoning and problem-solving.
  • A history of surpassing and accomplishing sales objectives.
  • Proficiency in the technology sector is highly desirable.

Visa Sponsorship:

Mobile Squad is dedicated to facilitating the legal employment of qualified candidates in Canada through visa sponsorship. During the immigration procedure, we will be at your disposal to ensure a seamless transition into your new profession in Canada.

Benefits of Corporate Sales Manager Jobs in Canada:

  • Competitive Compensation: In the corporate sector, sales managers generally are remunerated competitively, with commissions and compensation contingent on performance. Particularly in sectors that offer premium products or services, the potential for earnest money can be substantial.
  • Job Stability: Sales management positions are typically stable since organizations depend on sales teams to produce revenue and propel expansion. Corporate sales managers provide a degree of employment security by being crucial to achieving sales goals and preserving customer relationships.
  • Career Progression: The positions of corporate sales manager provide prospects for professional growth and development in the field of sales and marketing. Sales managers who have established themselves as effective leaders and achieved notable success may advance to more senior management or executive positions within the organization.
  • Professional Development: Employers frequently allocate resources toward the professional development of corporate sales managers by organizing seminars, workshops, and training programs. By developing their abilities in areas like negotiation, strategic planning, market analysis, and team leadership, sales managers can enhance their skill sets.
  • Varied Industries: Corporate sales managers are permitted to operate in numerous industries, such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and others. This diversity enables sales managers to develop industry-specific expertise and gain exposure to various sectors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Sales management positions necessitate the establishment of connections with industry professionals, stakeholders, and clients. This affords networking opportunities that may result in the formation of new business alliances, professional connections, and prospects for business growth.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although sales management can be an arduous occupation, numerous companies provide sales managers with the opportunity to attain a more favorable work-life balance through the provision of remote work opportunities and flexible work hours. In addition to accommodating personal obligations, flexible schedules can promote general health.
  • Opportunities for Travel: Corporate sales managers might be granted the privilege of embarking on journeys to attend sales conferences, industry events, and client meetings. By exposing individuals to new cultures and markets, travel can be both enlightening and beneficial.
  • Recognition and Rewards: In recognition of their accomplishments, successful corporate sales managers are frequently rewarded and acknowledged. This may encompass gratuities, rewards, and official acknowledgment within the organization for surpassing sales objectives and fostering expansion in revenue.
  • Contribution to Company Success: Corporate sales managers are integral to the success of their organizations through the formulation of sales strategies, supervision of sales teams, and cultivation of client relationships. Their contributions positively impact revenue generation, market expansion, and the overall growth of the business.

How to Apply:

Please follow these instructions to be considered for the position of Corporate Sales Manager with Visa Sponsorship at Mobile Squad:

  • Please ensure that your updated resume emphasizes your pertinent experience in sales and leadership.
  • Include a cover letter that expresses your desire to work in Canada and your interest in this position.
  • Please furnish your contact details to facilitate effective correspondence.

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Joining Mobile Squad as a Corporate Sales Manager offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of a leading technology solutions provider in Canada. With Visa Sponsorship available, we are eager to welcome talented professionals from around the world. Apply today to be part of our dynamic team and drive corporate sales to new heights in Canada. Your future in Canadian corporate sales awaits!

  1. Is a sales manager in demand in Canada?

    As labor market shortages in Canada grow more severe, the government sets specific industry requirements for qualified workers, including the sales sector. Canada considers sales managers to be highly competent individuals, and the country has to consider the requirements of its workforce.

  2. What is the work of a corporate sales manager?

    Managers of corporate sales plan, oversee, and assess sales operations. They have responsibility for the supervision of organizations or divisions engaged in wholesale, retail, industrial, Institutional, and E-business operations.

  3. Is corporate sales a good career?

    Because of its considerable growth potential and direct correlation between effort and earnings, sales is an excellent profession for ambitious people who continually seek new heights of achievement.


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