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Factory Worker Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

Well-known company Private Advertiser wants driven and dedicated Factory Workers to join our team in Australia. As a Factory Worker at Private Advertiser, you will be an important part of the manufacturing process and help make sure that high-quality goods are made. Your commitment to getting things done quickly, working together, and carefully will be very important to the success of our production methods. For international applicants, this one-of-a-kind chance includes visa sponsorship, so you can move up in your job in Australia and help make manufacturing better.

Why Australia?

People from all over the world want to work in Australia because it has a strong economy and safe job market. People who want a variety of job opportunities could take advantage of the need for both skilled and untrained workers in the country. Because Australia’s economy is still growing, many companies need plant workers. These include those that make things, move goods, and grow crops.

Details About Factory Worker Jobs in Australia

  • Title: Jobs for Factory Workers in Australia with Sponsored Visas
  • Firm: Private Advertiser
  • Role: Manufacturing Laborer
  • Location: Australia’s Tullamarine, Melbourne VIC
  • Types of Employment: Permanent and Temporary
  • Qualification: Secondary, diploma, bachelor’s degree
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Experience required: one to three years minimum
  • Pay: Weekly rate of $25 to $30 per hour for 20 to 25 hours done.

Duties of Factory Worker

  • Put tools and machines to use to do industrial tasks.
  • Assembly, packing, and labeling of products should all be done according to the rules.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on quality and follow safety rules.
  • Follow the standard operating methods and instructions for the job.
  • Get things done as a team to meet work goals.
  • Keep your desk clean and well-organized.
  • Tell your boss about any issues or problems with the tools.
  • Add something useful and constructive to the office.


  • There is no need for a certain level of schooling.
  • If you have worked in a plant or manufacturing setting before, that’s a plus.
  • It’s important to have good physical balance and good hand-eye coordination.
  • An unwavering commitment to quality and care.
  • Good at working with others and talking to them.
  • Being able to adapt to different jobs and work environments.
  • Dependability and being on time.
  • Without having worked in an Australian plant before? It will be possible to follow along.

Visa Sponsorship

People from other countries who want to work on our production team bring a lot of dedication and hard work. Foreign applicants will be sponsored for a visa if they are picked for this job. This will allow them to legally work as factory workers for Private Advertiser in Australia. When you send in your visa application, our dedicated immigration support staff will be there to help you.

Advantages of Factory Worker Jobs

  • Benefits and pay that are competitive.
  • There are chances to move up in your career in the manufacturing area of Private Advertiser.
  • A variety of production tasks and processes are done.
  • A place of work that encourages collaboration and teamwork.
  • helping to make things that are of great quality.

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Who Is Eligible

People from Asia, Africa, and Latin America can apply for factory worker jobs in Australia. The jobs are especially aimed at people from Australia and other European countries who might want to move there to work. Perks for employees and helping with visas are part of these jobs.

How to Apply for Australian Factory Jobs?

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Industrial worker jobs in Australia that sponsor visas are a great chance for anyone looking for a challenging and satisfying job. Given the variety of businesses present and the safety offered by sponsored visas, the long-term climate is one that encourages long-term success. Building a successful career in Australia is strongly urged, and people who want to work there are told to explore all of their choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jobs are available for factory workers in Australia?

Assembling, packing, marking, quality control, and following standard operating procedures are some of the factory worker jobs in Australia that Private Advertiser is advertising.

Does Private Advertiser offer visa sponsorship for international applicants?

Yes, Private Advertiser sponsors visas for international applicants selected for factory worker jobs in Australia. This allows them to legally work as factory workers for Private Advertiser in Australia.


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