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Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners – Visa Sponsorship

Are you seeking hotel jobs in Poland that sponsor visas for foreign nationals? Poland cordially welcomes you with twenty visa sponsorship positions available for exceptionally talented individuals such as yourself. Become a member of our team and commence an endeavor to be employed in a selection of Poland’s most prestigious hotels, where you will be tasked with providing outstanding service and indelible experiences.

Details About Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners:

  • Company: Not Specified
  • Title: Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners – Visa Sponsorship
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Part-time
  • Location: Poland
  • Education: High School / Bachelors Degree / Diploma   
  • Experience: 1-2 Years of Experience In a Related Field

Available Jobs:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Desk Receptionist
  • Concierge
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Bartender
  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Waitstaff
  • Room Attendant
  • Event Coordinator
  • Bellhop/Porter
  • Spa Therapist
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Security Officer
  • Accountant
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Conference Services Manager

Job Responsibilities of Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners:

As an essential member of our hotel staff, your duties may encompass the following:

  • Ensuring outstanding visitor satisfaction and experiences.
  • Executing role-specific responsibilities with accuracy and professionalism.
  • Compliance with hotel policies and standards.
  • Working in tandem with coworkers to establish an inviting and pleasurable atmosphere for patrons.

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Education and Qualifications for Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners:

While specific qualifications may differ depending on the role, in general, we are looking for individuals who possess:

  • A degree or professional background that is pertinent to the hospitality sector.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • A dedication to providing outstanding service.
  • English proficiency; additional languages are desirable for positions involving guests.

Benefits of Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners:

  • Work Authorization: Work authorization is commonly granted to foreign nationals who obtain hotel positions in Poland. This authorization grants them the lawful right to operate a business within the country and grants them access to employment prospects within the hospitality industry.
  • Cultural Exchange: Foreigners can engage in cultural exchange by working in a hotel in Poland, where they can interact with residents, become acquainted with Polish traditions and customs, and fully immerse themselves in the country’s culture.
  • Language Proficiency Enhancement: Although English is commonly used in the hospitality sector, employment in Poland affords foreign nationals the chance to hone their linguistic abilities, specifically in Polish, which can be advantageous for their professional and personal development.
  • Professional Growth: The hospitality sector in Poland presents prospects for professional development, with job openings spanning across diverse departments including front desk, sanitation, food and beverage, sales, and management. Those with pertinent expertise and experience who are not native-born can advance within the industry and assume leadership positions.
  • Competitive Compensation: Depending on the employer and position, hotel jobs in Poland may provide competitive compensation packages that include salaries, benefits, and amenities such as meals and lodging.
  • Work-Life Balance: In Poland, numerous hotels encourage their employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance by providing access to recreational facilities or activities, reasonable working hours, and paid time off.
  • Training and Development: To ensure that employees provide superior service to visitors, employers in the hospitality industry frequently offer training and development opportunities to help workers expand their knowledge and abilities.
  • Possibility to Explore Poland: During their leisure time, foreigners working in a hotel in Poland can explore the country’s diverse attractions, including historic cities, picturesque landscapes, cultural events, and culinary delights.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Hotel employment offers prospects for establishing connections with industry experts, visitors, and colleagues, which can be advantageous for career progression, idea exchange, and relationship building within the hospitality sector.
  • International Experience: Working in a hotel in Poland offers foreign nationals significant international experience, which can be applied to the development of their resumes, expansion of their horizons, and facilitation of future employment prospects within the global hospitality sector.


  • Compensation ranges from zł1200.00 to zł3000.00 per month, contingent upon qualifications and experience.
  • Additional incentives are contingent on performance.

How to Apply:

For consideration as a member of our team, kindly attach your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, accompanied by a cover letter, to this link. Include the job title in the subject line of your application. After reviewing applications, we will schedule interviews with those who have been selected.


Develop your professional horizons by entering Poland’s burgeoning hospitality sector. We enthusiastically invite international talent to enhance our outstanding guest services. Do not pass up this chance to develop professionally and personally. Apply immediately to join our team that is committed to crafting unforgettable experiences.

For More Info:

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  1. How can a foreigner get a job in Poland?

    To work in Poland, non-EU citizens have to obtain a work permit before visiting the country. One occupation is allowed under the three-year validity period of the work permit. You can only carry out the responsibilities stated on your application.

  2. What are the hotel workers?

    Managing all operations is the Hotel Manager, set at the apex. Key positions such as Front Desk Staff, Marketing Coordinator, Maintenance Supervisor, Head of Security, Food and Beverage Manager, and Housekeeping Supervisor answer directly to the manager.

  3. What hotel job pays the most?

    Management positions offer the highest salaries in the hospitality industry, as is the case in a lot of sectors. Potential career paths include hotel management in general, restaurant and hotel leadership, or departmental executive positions such as accounting, marketing, or event coordination.


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