Latest Canada Visitor Visa 2024 – A Guide

A Canada Visitor Visa, which is formally recorded in your passport, certifies that you satisfy the requisite conditions for temporary entry into Canada. The aforementioned visa, which shall be appended to your passport, grants you entry to Canada. Obtaining this visa, however, requires several procedures. You need not fret; we have you covered.

Our comprehensive manual will walk you through the passport application process and ensure that you are fully informed of every step. You will be well on your way to appreciating all that Canada has to offer if you follow along. 

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Who Can Apply for a Canada Visitor Visa?

Those who desire to enter Canada on a temporary basis are eligible to apply for a Canada Visitor Visa, which is also referred to as a temporary resident visa. In order to qualify, candidates must: 

  • A certified travel document, such as a passport, is required. 
  • Maintain your well-being. 
  • A letter of invitation is required when paying a visit to a family member or friend.
  • Hold no convictions in the areas of immigration or criminality. 
  • Assure an immigration officer of their return by providing evidence of ties to their native country, such as a family, job, residence, or financial assets. 
  • Document their intent to depart Canada at the conclusion of their sojourn. 
  • Possess adequate funds to cover their stay. 

Who’s not allowed for a Canada Visitor Visa: 

Certain individuals may be deemed ineligible for entry into Canada on the basis of criminal records, human rights transgressions, or financial obligations.

It is vital to comprehend these criteria prior to submitting an application for a Canada Visitor Visa. 

Visit this link for additional information on inadmissibility.

Benefits Of Canada Visitor Visa

  • Admission to Canada Lawfully: A Visitor Visa grants individuals authorized entry to Canada. You may be denied entry at the frontier or airport in its absence.
  • Tourism and Sightseeing: Canada is renowned for its cultural attractions, vibrant communities, and varied landscapes. You are permitted to explore and appreciate the nation’s tourist destinations with a Visitor Visa.
  • Visiting Friends and Family: A Visitor Visa grants you permission to visit and spend time with friends and family in Canada.
  • Participating in Special Occasions: In the case that you have received an invitation to attend a wedding, graduation, or business conference, your entrance into the country will be contingent upon obtaining a Visitor Visa.
  • Business Meetings: For the purpose of participating in business conferences, meetings, or negotiations, individuals may apply for a Visitor Visa in order to enter Canada on a temporary business trip.
  • For educational objectives: Although a Visitor Visa does not permit full-time study enrollment, it might be acceptable for participation in short-term seminars, conferences, or courses.
  • Medical tourism: Due to the high regard for Canada’s healthcare system, individuals may elect to travel there in pursuit of medical consultations or remedies.
  • Collaborations and Networking: A Visitor Visa affords professionals the chance to collaborate, network, and establish business connections in Canada.
  • Activities for Recreation: Canada provides an abundance of recreational opportunities, including skiing, trekking, and wildlife observation. Participation in these activities is permitted with a Visitor Visa throughout your stay.
  • Extension of Stay: The Visitor Visa generally grants permission for a maximum stay of six months, which affords a justifiable duration to engage in and appreciate the destination.

How to Apply for Latest Canada Visitor Visa

  • The manner in which one applies for a Canada Visitor Visa is contingent upon the intended objective of said visit.
  • Regardless of the purpose of your journey—tourism, business, or family visit—it is critical that you choose the correct category and submit the necessary documentation in support of your application.
  • The steps involved in applying for a Canada Visitor Visa are outlined below. 
  • A GCKey account must be established. After the successful generation of your GCKey, you will be notified via email of an invitation code.
  • Register using this invitation code on the new IRCC portal and proceed with the application process as detailed below.
  • You must initially indicate whether your application is for yourself, another individual, or both.
  • Before commencing the application process, choose the appropriate option from the “Before You Start Your Application” page.
  • Upon selecting one of the three alternatives, the following inquiry will be presented to you: “Do you have an active application at this time?” The appropriate response is “yes” or “no,” contingent upon the circumstances.
  • By selecting “Yes,” which signifies that your application is currently being processed, you have the option to reapply or withdraw your existing application. However, a refund may not be issued. 
  • If you wish to continue, however, please select “I understand and wish to apply.” The following is the page that loads when you select “Yes” to indicate that your application is in progress. 
  • The following procedure delineates the consequences of selecting “no,” which signifies the absence of an active application. 
  • You are required to register with an email address and establish an online account if you do not have an active application.
  • To obtain an IRCC Portal account, select “Get an Account.” 
  • Following email registration, a code will be provided to you in order to establish an account. You may then proceed to complete the online application and attach your supporting materials.
  • You might be requested to respond to a portion of the inquiries that will comprise the inventory of obligatory documents. 
  • The query “Why are you visiting Canada?” can be answered, however, through the use of this website. Following your response, you may be provided with a list of the necessary supporting documents for an application for a visitor’s visa. 
  • There will be a $100 processing fee that must be paid once all of the documents have been uploaded. This fee may be settled with a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, JCB®, or UnionPay® credit or prepaid card.
  • Biometrics Collection: If required, arrange and appear for a biometrics collection appointment in order to furnish your photograph and fingerprints. 
  • Application Processing: Await the Canadian immigration authorities’ completion of your application. Although this generally requires several weeks, processing times can fluctuate. 
  • Monitor Application Status: Receive updates and monitor the status of your visa application using the application status tracker. 
  • Upon the completion of the application evaluation process, you will be duly informed of the progress. Upon receiving approval, you will be issued a Canada Visitor Visa. 

More Info

Check your visa’s status online: 

An instant online check provides the status of your application without requiring you to wait for a letter or email.

Follow these straightforward steps: 

  • Connect Online: Proceed to the official website associated with your visa application. 
  • Sign in: Input your account information to log in. Your personal information and your application number are required. 
  • Verify Status: After logging in, navigate to the “Check Application Status” section. 
  • Learn More About: You will be informed whether your visa application has been approved, is pending, or requires additional information. 

More Info

  • A valid Canada Visitor Visa application will result in the issuance of an official document for your passport.
  • Visa possession does not, nevertheless, ensure entry into Canada.

An identity check will be conducted upon your arrival, and a border services officer will assess your eligibility to enter and remain in Canada.

Prepare for Your Arrival in Canada

As you make arrangements to travel to Canada, verify that you possess all the requisite documentation to ensure a seamless entry into the nation.

Here is the essential information: 

  • Documents Required: Additional documentation may be necessary for your entry into Canada, contingent upon your specific circumstances.
  • This includes invitation letters and authorization for minor children to accompany you on your trip. 
  • Entry Requirements: Immigration officers will conduct identity checks and confirm that you satisfy all entry requirements upon your arrival in Canada.
  • Anticipate inquiries pertaining to the rationale behind your visit as well as the projected duration of your sojourn. 
  • Length of Stay: Visitors to Canada are generally granted a maximum stay of six months.
  • Nonetheless, depending on the reason for your visit, the border services officer may limit or extend your stay at their discretion. 
  • Ensure that you provide immigration officers with accurate and complete information.
  • Inaccurate or insufficient information may lead to a denial of entry into Canada.
  • With confidence, you can navigate the application process for a Canada Visitor Visa by adhering to these steps and guidelines. 
  1. How long does a Canadian visitor visa take to process?

    Generally, it takes about 28 days for a visitor visa, while a work permit might take up to 8 weeks as of January 2024. As you can see, the government of Canada mentions that if you’re not applying for specific occupations, your processing time may be longer than 8 weeks.

  2. Is it difficult to get a visitor visa to Canada? 

    Applicants must resolve any illegal status issues before applying for a Canadian visitor visa. Providing proof of legal residence, such as residency permits or visas, is crucial to informing Canadian authorities of the applicant’s commitment to abiding by the law.

  3. How long does it take to get a Canada visit visa from Pakistan? 

    For a Canada visitor visa from Pakistan, the processing times are as follows: if you apply for a visitor visa from outside of Canada, it typically takes 13 to 14 months. In the case of a visitor visa extension, the processing time ranges from 154 days (online) to 105 days (paper-based application).


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