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Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar 2024 – Apply Online

Established and reputable in Qatar, Munshi Trading & Contracting W.L.L. specializes in providing contracting and trading services across multiple industries. To join our team, we are seeking a dynamic and results-oriented marketing executive. We encourage individuals with a creative bent and a strong interest in marketing to submit their applications for this remarkable opportunity.

Details About Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar:

  • Job Title: Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar
  • Company Name: Munshi Trading & Contracting W.L.L
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: QR2500.00 – QR5550.00 Monthly
  • Country: Qatar
  • Work Experience: 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field
  • Education & Qualification: Bachelor’s degree/ High School / Secondary

Job Description:

Your primary responsibility as a Marketing Executive at Munshi Trading & Contracting W.L.L. will be to develop and execute promotional marketing strategies for our products and services. Market research, campaign planning, digital marketing, and brand administration will be among your responsibilities. You will collaborate closely with the marketing team to contribute to the expansion of the company and increase brand awareness.

Key Responsibilities of Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar:

  • Market Research: To inform marketing strategies, conduct market research to identify trends, consumer preferences, and the activities of competitors.
  • Campaign Planning: Campaign planning entails the formulation and implementation of marketing initiatives across multiple platforms, such as print, digital, and social media.
  • Digital Marketing: Oversee the organization’s email marketing, website, and social media platforms, among other aspects of its online presence.
  • Content Creation: Produce persuasive and interactive content for marketing collateral, such as brochures, websites, and social media platforms.
  • Brand Management: Ensure consistency in messaging and visuals to preserve and improve the organization’s brand image.
  • Lead Generation: To drive sales and business expansion, generate leads, and cultivate consumer relationships.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Using metrics and KPIs, monitor and analyze the efficacy of marketing campaigns, providing recommendations for enhancements and insights.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the sales team to ensure that marketing endeavors are in line with sales goals.

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Qualifications for Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a closely related discipline.
  • Proven marketing experience, preferably in a business-to-business setting.
  • Proficient knowledge of digital marketing platforms and tools.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • The capacity to consider creatively and devise novel marketing strategies.
  • Expertise in utilizing marketing tools and software.
  • Possesses an analytical perspective and the capacity to justify decisions based on data interpretation.

Benefits of Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar:

  • Competitive Salary: In Qatar, marketing executives may be remunerated competitively, and certain organizations also provide supplementary incentives that are contingent upon their performance.
  • Tax-Free Income: Qatar does not levy personal income tax, thereby affording employees a greater amount of disposable income in comparison to nations that levy income taxes.
  • Transportation Allowance: Marketing executives may be eligible for transportation allowances or support, including reimbursement for commuting expenses or vehicle allowances, contingent upon the employer.
  • Housing Allowance or Accommodation: As an element of the compensation bundle, some employers in Qatar provide housing allowances or accommodations.
  • Health Insurance: An employment package frequently comprises comprehensive health insurance coverage, which extends to the employee and, in certain situations, their dependents.
  • Annual Leave and Vacation Days: Annual leave and vacation days are customarily granted to employees, allowing them to utilize their time off for leisure activities and rejuvenation.
  • Work-Life Balance: An increasing number of organizations in Qatar acknowledge the significance of work-life balance and may endeavor to foster a harmonious integration of professional and personal spheres.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Organizations based in Qatar may allocate resources towards fostering the growth and improvement of their workforce through the provision of training initiatives, seminars, and skill-building prospects.
  • Retirement Benefits: To assist workers in saving for their long-term financial security, some employers provide retirement benefits or pension plans.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Marketing executives may have the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment in Qatar, thereby obtaining exposure to a variety of ideas and perspectives. Qatar is a culturally diverse nation.

How to Apply for Marketing Executive Jobs in Qatar:

Kindly supplement your updated resume with a cover letter if you possess the requisite skills and experience to thrive in this position and are highly motivated by marketing.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you:

  1. What is the work of a marketing executive?

    Project leadership and oversight of promotional events, exhibitions, and advertising/communication campaigns (television, social media, etc.). Undertaking market analysis and research to assess developments, recognition of brands, and competitive endeavors.

  2. What qualifications do you need to be a marketing executive?

    Marketing opportunities tend to be accessible to recent graduates across all academic disciplines. A degree in marketing is not required. Nevertheless, having a degree or postgraduate certification in a discipline such as sociology, economics, marketing, business, or statistics might be beneficial.

  3. Is marketing executive a high position?

    The position of marketing executive could be senior or subservient, depending upon the scale of the organization. To offer guidance on the most effective marketing strategies, a marketing executive may occupy a high-ranking position and be near senior management in small and medium-sized businesses.


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