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Nanny Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024 – Visit Here

One job that doesn’t require much when it comes to higher education qualifications in the UK is that of a nanny. Nanny jobs in the UK have grown from a side hustle to some unemployed nationals or ex-pats leaving the UK for full-time employment. In fact, it leads to the stage where citizens of other countries around the world are looking for nanny jobs in the UK for foreigners with visa sponsorship because of how good the pay is.

However, this is due to the fact that some job search and placement agencies in the UK act as intermediaries and even publish offers of nanny jobs in the UK to non-UK residents. Visa for individuals comes with sponsorship. However, they may be a result of the fact that most mothers in the UK are private-sector workers and do not have enough time to look after their children. They then have no choice but to hire a stay-at-home nanny whom they can entrust to their children in their absence.

With high remuneration (salary) and other benefits, nanny jobs welcome people who are unemployed and living in and outside the UK. This of course brings us to pen down the content that reveals everything including the availability of nanny jobs in the UK for foreigners with visa sponsorship, job responsibilities and requirements, and finally, How to secure/get a nanny job in the UK without a visa sponsorship. So without further ado, let’s find out about the availability of nanny jobs in the UK for foreigners with visa sponsorship for citizens and foreigners.

Like any other work field across the world, nanny jobs are a type of job that is available and common in the major states of the United Kingdom (UK) due to the high rate of working-class mothers.

Navigating Through

User-friendly Interface

When you go to, one of the first things you’ll notice is how easy it is to use. The website is designed to be as simple as possible, which makes it easy for people of all technology levels to find their way around.

Search Functionalities

The website’s search tools are powerful, and you can narrow your job search by a number of different factors. can help you find jobs in any field or location.

Responsibilities of Nanny Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

The following job responsibilities are commonly held by nannies in the UK. However, more may be included which are decisive for the employer and which are usually agreed upon prior to employment.

  • Performing household tasks which include; Sweeping, washing dishes as well as children’s laundry.
  • Ensuring a clean and tidy work environment at all times
  • Changing diapers for babies when needed
  • Children’s and Infants’ Entertainment

Requirements for Nanny Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

Applicants must have at least the following characteristics to be considered suitable for employment in the UK for nanny jobs for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

  • At least 2 years of experience handling and managing children (especially infants).
  • Expert knowledge of home safety and first aid
  • Expert knowledge of cooking
  • Must be English speaking and good character (someone responsible)
  • There should be a guarantor or someone whom he will hold responsible in case of any unforeseen event.
  • After possessing the qualities mentioned above, make sure that you can find a high-paying nanny job in UK that can sustain you for a while.

Benefits of Nanny Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

People looking for work as a nanny in the UK can get a visa-sponsored job, which has a lot of perks. Here are a few important pros:

  • Legal Authorization to Work: Visa sponsorship makes sure that you are legally allowed to work in the UK. It also gives you and your company the paperwork they need to follow immigration laws.
  • Professional Development: As a nanny, you’ll likely be taking care of kids of different ages, which will give you a wide range of babysitting experience. This can help you grow as a professional and improve your skills in areas like schooling, child development, and safety.
  • Cultural Exposure: Working as a nanny in the UK is a good way to learn about other cultures. You’ll be able to fully engage yourself in British culture, meet families, and see how people live their everyday lives in the UK.
  • Language Improvement: If English isn’t your first language, a job as a nanny in the UK can help you get much better at it. Being around people who speak English will help you improve both your spoken and written English.
  • Networking Opportunities: As a nanny, you can get to know families and other maids, which could help you get better job opportunities. Networking can help you get better job chances or grow as a person.
  • Competitive Compensation: In the UK, nanny jobs often come with good pay, which can include a salary, perks, and sometimes a place to live. Sponsoring your visa may also be a sign that your boss wants to see you do well in your long-term job.
  • Caring for Children: If you love working with kids, becoming a nanny could be a great job for you. You are very important to the child’s growth because you care for, support, and guide them during their growing years.
  • Travel Opportunities: Depending on how the family lives, there may be chances to travel, both in the UK and maybe even to other countries. For people who like to see new places, this can be an extra bonus.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Many jobs as a nanny give you the freedom to make your own plan by talking to the family about it. This freedom can be helpful for people who have other obligations or who would rather work outside of normal hours.
  • Emotional Rewards: When you work as a nanny, you often feel good about yourself because you form close bonds with the kids you watch. Seeing them grow and do well can make you feel good about yourself and give you a sense of success.

How to Get Nanny Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

1. Visit Nanny Recruitment Job Portals

As one is looking for nanny jobs in the UK, the first option to refer to which is more reliable is to access job search portals.

There are many job search portals or recruitment agencies in the UK through which you can get or secure a high-paying nanny job within 2 2-week time frame provided you match your application/search.

Below we list some of the top 5 most trusted nanny recruitment agencies in the UK by 2024 to get you started on your application.

1.AUPair Job Recruiter

AUPair Job Recruitment Agency is one of the leading job search portals for aspiring nannies from all over the world. On their website, you will find hundreds of top-paying nanny jobs and other home care opportunities that you can do to save yourself some cash while living in the UK.

The most interesting thing is that you can easily secure a high-paying nanny job with visa sponsorship by using AUpair’s job recruitment agency.

You can visit their official website to explore the high-paying nanny jobs available to you by accessing the link below.

Visit AUPair Portal:

2. Moms the Word Job Recruiter

Moms the Word Job Recruiter is another leading job search portal in the UK that aims to provide nanny jobs and home care opportunities for people from within and outside the country.

Just like the AUPair job recruiter, the Mother’s Word platform can also be helpful for foreigners who wish to live in the UK with a full residence permit to perform paid nanny job services.

You can access their official website below to see hundreds of available nanny job openings in UK published daily.

3. Nanny Jobs UK Recruiter

Nanny Jobs Recruiter UK is definitely a big name for individuals who are looking for job opportunities to work as a nanny from all over the world. It includes countries like India, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

Just like their brand name “Nanny Jobs UK”, they are a leading United Kingdom-based recruiter helping people from all walks of life to get nanny jobs in the UK.

You can review them yourself.

Visit Nanny Jobs UK Recruiter:

4. Indeed Job Recruiter

For those individuals who are looking for job opportunities in Canada, Dubai, Australia, and such places, job recruiter will not really be a new name.

They are a leading job search and recruitment website posting job openings in more than 15+ countries on the planet. On their platform, one can access job opportunities in various fields such as management, hospital, home care, science, programming, etc.

They are also known globally when it comes to publishing UK nanny and home care job opportunities that both citizens and foreigners can apply for.

To access all these job openings published by Indeed Recruiter, you have to visit their platform using the link below.

Visit Indeed Recruiter Portal:

2. Have a Friend in UK Research for Nanny Job Space for You

Another effective way to get a good or high-paying babysitting job in the UK, especially if you are not a resident, is to ask a friend who lives there to help you.

This is because most nanny job offers are not usually published on online platforms because there are many people offline who are available to fill these positions even before they are published online.

We only wish you success as you find a well-paid nanny job as a foreigner or even a citizen in any region of the UK.

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Salary Scale for Nanny Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

The pay scale for nanny jobs in the UK is calculated on an hourly basis. Currently, working nannies in the UK earn an average of £5 – £12 an hour.

As much as the salary earning is mouth-watering, it is advisable to note some basic responsibilities for nanny jobs available in the UK.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you:


In conclusion, is more than just a job portal; it’s a gateway to global opportunities. With its user-friendly interface, commitment to transparency, and diverse job listings, the platform stands out in the competitive job market. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, opens doors to a world of possibilities.

Getting a nanny job in the UK can be quite daunting especially if you are not resident in any of the states. However, following any of our guides as mentioned above may help you secure one. It is also important to note that there is no shame in working as a nanny in the UK. At least, it’s better than being unemployed or having nothing to do but play video games or watch TV. We only wish you success as you find high-paying nanny jobs in the UK using our guide provided on this page.

People Also Ask:

  1. How to apply for a nanny job in the UK?

    The best way to find a good and safe nanny job is to register with a childcare agency, which is usually free of charge. They will require Proof of a DBS check, passport or other ID, education diplomas or certificates, previous experience, and your CV.

  2. How do I qualify as a nanny UK?

    In the UK, there’s no legal requirement to have qualifications to become a nanny. However, many families will be looking to hire nannies who do hold some qualifications, to gain peace of mind.


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