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Supreme Court of Pakistan Jobs 2024 – Online Apply

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is looking for people who are qualified to fill the following roles: Appointments will be made based on a person’s true worth. Candidates who meet the qualifications, are the right age, have the right amount of experience, live in the right province, etc., can apply for the jobs.

You can apply for jobs like “Judicial Assistant,” “Software Developer (Web/Mobile Apps),” “Software Developer (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning),” “Assistant Protocol Officer,” “Network Technician/Video Link Operator,” “User Support Technician,” “Protocol Assistant,” “Stenotypist,” “Caretaker,” “Telephone Operator,” “Library Clerk,” “Transcript Writer,” “Urdu Typist,” “LDC,” The number of positions can be increased or decreased, and the application process can be stopped at any time and for no reason. Candidates who wanted to apply had to meet the following qualifications and work experience requirements, which are shown in the picture below and listed in the next paragraph.

Details of Supreme Court of Pakistan Jobs:

Eligibility Criteria for Supreme Court of Pakistan Jobs:

  • Qualifications and Experience: Applicants must have one of the following degrees from a HEC-approved university or board: LLB, Master, Bachelor, Intermediate, Matric, or Middle. They must also have applicable experience.
  • The individual should be between the ages of 25 and 30.

Benefits of Supreme Court of Pakistan Jobs:

  • Public Service and Prestige: In light of its status as the preeminent court in the nation, employment with the Supreme Court is regarded as a prestigious occupation. Employees play a crucial role in safeguarding the rule of law and promoting justice throughout the country.
  • Job Security: Frequently, judicial positions are accompanied by an exceptional degree of employment stability. Employees may benefit from long-term, stable employment.
  • Salary Competitiveness: Employment opportunities at the Supreme Court generally provide competitive salaries that are in line with the duties and credentials associated with the role.
  • Professional Development: The Supreme Court establishes a conducive environment that fosters professional development. Training programs, seminars, and educational opportunities may be made available to employees to augment their expertise and understanding.
  • Legal Experience: Gaining legal experience through employment at the Supreme Court is an invaluable opportunity. This position provides the chance to gain experience with intricate legal cases and constitutional issues, as well as contribute to the rendering of pivotal decisions.
  • Contributing to Justice: Employees of the Supreme Court make a direct contribution to the implementation of justice within the jurisdiction of Pakistan. Their role in preserving the Constitution and guaranteeing equitable and unbiased judgments is of the utmost importance.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment at the Supreme Court provides prospects for establishing professional connections with judges, legal practitioners, and other stakeholders within the legal domain. For prospective career opportunities and professional development, this networking can be advantageous.
  • Access to Legal Resources: An advantage of employment in the judiciary is the provision of access to a wealth of legal resources, including databases, libraries, and resources that support legal research and analysis.
  • Possibilities for Specialization: Opportunities for employees to develop their expertise in a particular field of law may be contingent upon their occupational position.
  • Legal and Constitutional Knowledge: Employees are endowed with a comprehensive understanding of constitutional law and legal principles, which can prove to be advantageous in the pursuit of a legal profession or in the realm of public service.
  • National Governance Contribution: The decisions rendered by the Supreme Court possess the capacity to exert a substantial influence on the legal framework and national governance of the nation. Employees contribute to the formation of legal precedents.
  • Health and Retirement Benefits: Health benefits, retirement plans, and various other advantages are customary for government positions, including those at the Supreme Court.

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Vacant Positions with Basic Pay Scales:

  • Judicial Assistant
  • Software Developer (Web/Mobile Apps)
  • Software Developer (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning)
  • Assistant Protocol Officer
  • Network Technician / Video Link Operator
  • User Support Technician
  • Protocol Assistant
  • Stenotypist
  • Caretaker
  • Telephone Operator
  • Library Clerk
  • Transcript Writer
  • Urdu Typist
  • LDC
  • Electrician
  • Dispatch Rider
  • Naib Qasid
  • Chowkidar
  • Mali
  • Cleaner

How to Apply for Supreme Court of Pakistan Jobs:

  • Those who want to apply can do so online using the registration form at
  • For the selection process, only online forms will be taken into account.
  • Applications that aren’t complete or that are sent after the deadline will not be looked at.
  • Those who work for the government should apply through the right channels.
  • Only the people who cut will be called in for a test or interview.

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This complete guide has useful details about the Supreme Court of Pakistan Jobs 2024, including who can apply, what the benefits are, and a list of open jobs. Potential applicants can learn about the benefits of working for the Supreme Court, such as job security, fair pay, the chance to grow professionally, and making a difference in the world of justice. The guide stresses how important it is to meet the experience and qualification standards for each job. People who want to join the Supreme Court of Pakistan can learn about the application process and find the information they need to make a strong case.

  1. How to Apply for Supreme Court Jobs?

    Those who want to apply can do so online using the registration form at

  2. What Is The Eligibility Criteria for Supreme Court Jobs?

    Qualifications and Experience: Applicants must have one of the following degrees from a HEC-approved university or board: LLB, Master, Bachelor, Intermediate, Matric, or Middle. They must also have applicable experience.
    The individual should be between the ages of 25 and 30.

  3. Which Court is highest in Pakistan?

    Established in 1956, the Supreme Court (KAS) is the most powerful judicial authority in Pakistan and the definitive arbiter of constitutional and legal disputes. The court consists of sixteen justices and a chief justice.


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