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Visa Sponsorship Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland 2024

Ireland is a popular tourist destination due to its warm and welcoming inhabitants, stunning natural scenery, and well-organized educational system. Additionally, it is an ideal location for those in search of a stable European nation to settle in.

Off the coast of England and Wales is the island of Ireland. It ranks as Europe’s third-largest island. The island is geographically divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, both of which are sovereign states. The Republic of Ireland is not a member of the United Kingdom, whereas the latter is. The membership of the Republic of Ireland in the European Union can be attributed to its independence from the United Kingdom. The remaining individuals are former members.

However, I am certain you are not in Ireland for a geography class, so have no fear. This article continues to discuss Data Scientist positions with visa sponsorship in Ireland. However, before we continue, let’s examine the state of the Data Science industry in Ireland.

Data Science in Ireland:

  • Data is ubiquitous; we generate it continuously and never deplete it. Due to these factors, the capacity to proficiently analyze and interpret it has emerged as a highly desirable competency. Merely in the United Kingdom, the demand for engineers and data scientists has increased by 231 percent.
  • The situation is no different in Ireland, where the demand for data scientists has increased. A significant number of multinational corporations, such as Pfizer, Facebook, IBM, LinkedIn, GFK, and others, have established their European headquarters in Ireland.
  • As a result of the surge in demand and the perceived scarcity of adequately skilled individuals to satisfy this demand. It has created a favorable environment for data scientists seeking employment in a European nation.

Salary of Data Scientists in Ireland:

  • Considerations regarding salaries and other forms of recompense are crucial when selecting countries in which to conduct data scientist work.
  • Irish large corporations, the government, as well as small businesses, and entrepreneurs, are willing to pay a premium for these services due to their growing prominence and demand.
  • On average, Data Scientists in Ireland earn €52,450 per year. However, senior data scientists earn more. They receive an annual average of €78,522.
  • While not the utmost achievable salary, these figures are within the range of the annual mean salary for data scientists in Europe. It is worth noting that these figures may differ based on the specific data science position and the organization for which you are employed.
  • If these satisfy your expectations and requirements, you may wish to apply for a data science position that sponsors visas to Ireland.

Visa Sponsorship in Ireland:

Visa sponsorship, at its most basic level, consists of a collection of documents that ensure specific entitlements for individuals relocating to an alternative nation. The employment privilege is the most prevalent.

In this situation, your employers can assist you in acquiring the necessary documentation to begin working promptly following your relocation. You would still be required to register for an employment permit thereafter. All of the above are required for non-EEA citizens.

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland:

  • Global Talent Pool Access: The provision of visa sponsorship enables Irish enterprises to gain entry into a wide-ranging reservoir of international talent. This is especially crucial in disciplines where specialized expertise is in high demand, such as data science.
  • Skill Diversity: Given the multidisciplinary nature of data science, organizations can recruit professionals with a wide range of experiences and skills by sponsoring visas. This may result in a work environment that is more dynamic and innovative.
  • Workforce Expansion: The provision of visa sponsorship allows organizations to augment their workforce and effectively tackle deficiencies in skills. This practice enables employers to recruit the most qualified individuals for the position, irrespective of their nationality, thereby enhancing the enterprise’s expansion and competitiveness.
  • International Collaboration: The presence of a global data science team promotes knowledge exchange and international collaboration. This may result in the formulation of novel methodologies, approaches, and solutions.
  • Cultural Diversity: Cultural diversity is fostered in the workplace through the provision of visa sponsorship. An all-around productive group can increase innovation, problem-solving aptitude, and creativity.
  • Economic Growth: Companies make a significant contribution to the nation’s economic growth by enticing proficient professionals to locate and operate in Ireland. Immigrants possessing the necessary expertise frequently contribute to the expansion of diverse industries and the creation of innovative technologies.
  • Opportunities for Networking: International recruits may possess significant professional connections gleaned from their prior experiences. This can potentially provide the company with new networking opportunities and partnership prospects.
  • Retaining Talent: Offering visa sponsorship can assist businesses in retaining top talent by facilitating the establishment of long-term careers in Ireland for foreign workers. This can reduce the costs associated with recruitment and training as well as employee turnover.
  • International Reputation: Businesses can establish a favorable international reputation by actively recruiting and sponsoring visas for international employees. This may increase the organization’s appeal to prospective consumers and employees.
  • Ensuring Adherence to Labor Market Requirements: By sponsoring visas, organizations can effectively leverage specific skill deficiencies in the regional workforce, thereby guaranteeing the possession of suitable personnel to confront the ever-changing challenges of the sector.

Top Companies to get Visa Sponsorship Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland:

  • United Health Group
  • Accenture
  • LinkedIn
  • Zalando
  • Optum
  • IBM
  • Allied Irish Banks
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Merck Sharp and Dohme
  • Allen Recruitment
  • Avenade

Websites for Finding Visa Sponsorship Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland:

1. Indeed:

Their status as a preeminent job website for discovering a wide range of positions across diverse industries is well-established. Additionally, users can locate employment in the data industry in Ireland.

More Info

2. Irish Jobs:

They are one of the foremost employment and recruitment websites in Ireland and are a subsidiary of the global e-recruitment firm Stepstone. They intend to provide employment opportunities in Ireland and abroad to individuals both inside and outside of Ireland.

More Info

3. Total Jobs:

They are the preeminent employment platform in the United Kingdom, with over 280,000 active job postings for users in Ireland and abroad on their website. Visa-sponsored employment opportunities abound for them in the data industry as well.

More Info

4. Arbeitnow: 

A highly effective job board that connects individuals seeking employment in Ireland. It is also an excellent option for non-Irish nationals seeking visa-sponsored data science employment.

More Info

5. Jobs Rapido: 

An additional employment website provides an extensive selection of employment prospects spanning multiple sectors in Ireland and other European locales.

More Info

6. Jooble: 

Collaborates with Google and LinkedIn to bring employment opportunities closer to those in need by combining technology and concept. The employment section of their website receives one of the highest volumes of daily traffic among job websites worldwide.

More Info

Studying Data Science in Ireland:

Possibly the most effective method to obtain employment in Ireland is to earn a degree in data science. According to a survey conducted by Burtch-Works, a significant proportion of data scientists in Ireland possess master’s and doctoral degrees in data science-related disciplines that were researched and developed in Ireland. Students who intend to work in Ireland in the near or distant future would do well to contemplate the possibility of pursuing their studies in Ireland.

However, studying in Ireland is also a reasonably effective method of ensuring that one possesses the necessary documentation to reside and work in the country. Study certificates in Ireland permit employment during the study. Additionally, graduate students have a simpler time applying for work permits.

Study the following professions that are in high demand in the Irish data industry:

  • A Data Architect
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Engineer
  • Multimedia Systems Developer
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Data Science Expert


Prospective data science professionals and students seeking to relocate to Ireland should not fail to consider the employment opportunities that the data industry in Ireland provides. Ireland, as you are aware, is a stable nation with a stable economy. Moreover, the Republic of Ireland enjoys the benefits associated with its membership in the European Union. Consequently, you may also benefit from it.

  1. Are data scientists in demand in Ireland?

    For individuals with an interest in pursuing a career in data science, Ireland presents a vibrant employment market loaded with prospects. Ireland is establishing itself as a prominent destination for professionals specializing in data science due to its thriving technology sector and expanding acceptance of data-driven decision-making.

  2. How do I become a data scientist in Ireland?

    A combination of qualifications, personal qualities, and skills are required to become a data scientist in Ireland. It is essential to possess a solid foundation in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree in one of these fields or a closely related one will establish a strong groundwork.

  3. What is the job role of a data scientist?

    A Data Scientist is a skilled expert who utilizes coding, problem-solving, and mathematical skills to efficiently handle massive datasets to extract valuable insights. Using this information to generate customized solutions, aids organizations in accomplishing their distinct objectives and goals.


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