Best Things to Do in Perugia Italy

Perugia is a fascinating place to visit. It is perched on a hill in the beautiful region of Umbria and offers visitors an experience they will never forget.

Perugia is known as the jewel of central Italy because of its rich Etruscan and medieval history. It has a lot of architecturally interesting things, like well-kept old walls and charming cobblestone streets with old buildings. But it is best known for its part in making chocolate, which is one of the most popular sweets in the world.

Perugia is the home of the well-known Perugina brand, and tourists can learn all about how chocolate is made there. Tourists can do more than just satisfy their sweet tooth in Perugia. They can also visit impressive church buildings and eat delicious Umbrian food.

List of Best Things to Do in Perugia Italy:

Giardini Carducci

Giardini Carducci is one of our favorite places in Perugia because it has both a lot of green space and great views of the city.

The beautiful public park opened in the 1800s. It was named after the famous Italian artist Giosuè Carducci. It used to be a botanical park, but now it’s a beloved green oasis where both locals and tourists go to find peace.

When people walk through Giardini Carducci, they will see bright flowers, lush trees, and well-kept fields. All of these things were carefully chosen to create a peaceful place to relax. There are benches and shady spots where you can sit and relax, so it’s a great place to have lunch or just read a book.

Its high location adds to the park’s charm by giving great views of the historic rooftops and landmarks of Perugia. It’s a beautiful place to be at dusk when the colors are at their best.

Basilica of San Domenico

The beautiful church building was built in the 1400s. But the basilica has been fixed up many times over the ages. It now combines different architectural styles, from Romanesque to Gothic, to make an impressive sight.

The outside of the basilica is very impressive, with detailed sculptures and a beautiful rose window that draws people in even before they go inside. When you go inside, you can look at the beautiful frescoes and other amazing artworks, like the beautiful wooden choir stalls.

The revered site is also known for a sacred relic: the body of Saint Dominic, who is known as the founder of the Dominican Order and whose body has been kept.

Arco Etrusco

This beautiful arch, which is also called the Etruscan Arch, is one of the city’s most famous features and a reminder of its strong Etruscan roots. It was built more than 2,300 years ago and was one of the main gates to the city of Perugia in Etruria.

The engineering and craftsmanship that went into making the Arco Etrusco are very amazing. Its unique, slightly leaning shape adds to its historical charm and appeal.

The Arco Etrusco is important from a historical point of view, but it also has stunning views of the city and the countryside around it. If you go up the nearby stairs, you’ll be able to see a beautiful view of the pretty roofs and rolling hills of Perugia.

Best Things to Do in Perugia Italy
Best Things to Do in Perugia Italy

Via dell’Acquedotto

When you visit the Via dell’Acquedotto, you can learn a lot about history and architecture. This cute street is famous for the well-preserved medieval canal that used to bring water to the city. The canal was built in the 13th century, and it has beautiful arches and stonework that show how amazing engineering was back then.

When people walk along Via dell’Acquedotto, they can see the ancient structure that winds through the city, which makes for great photo possibilities. With its cobblestone paths and old buildings, the street has a charming atmosphere that makes tourists feel like they’ve stepped back in time. As you walk through it, you can imagine what people’s lives were like hundreds of years ago.

Aside from its historical importance, Via dell’Acquedotto is now a lively area with charming cafes, boutiques, and craft shops that are worth checking out.

Pozzo Etrusco

Pozzo Etrusco is another important place you should see while you are in Perugia. This amazing underground building also called the Etruscan Well, is thought to have been built by the Etruscan people in the 3rd or 2nd century BCE. It is a cylinder-shaped well made of stone from the area that goes 37 meters down into the ground. It has a complicated double-helix staircase that lets people get to the water source. Its design makes it easy to get water without stopping for upkeep.

When you go down into the well, you can see how beautiful the building is. When you’re there, you can’t help but be amazed by how good the Etruscans were at building and how much work and creativity it took to build something like that without modern tools.

Tempio di Sant’Angelo

The Tempio di Sant’Angelo is an old church that was built on the site of a Roman temple. Its long past is full of connections to other cultures, like the Lombards, that go back to the 5th century.

The church’s exterior is overshadowed by the beautiful bell tower, which stands next to it and has a simple but elegant Romanesque design. When people go inside, they are met by beautiful frescoes and carved wooden pieces that show the artistic wealth of different times.

The most interesting part of the Tempio di Sant’Angelo is its crypt, which can be reached by secret stairs. This crypt is all that’s left of an old Roman temple. It’s an amazing place with a lot of historical and spiritual importance. When you’re inside, you’ll be amazed by how many layers of history have been kept within its walls.

Day Trip to Lake Trasimeno

If you have time, we suggest taking a day trip to Lake Trasimeno, which is one of Italy’s most beautiful natural sights. Lake Trasimeno is the largest lake in central Italy. It is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Umbria. It is the same as a fight in Roman history where Hannibal’s army beat the Romans in 217 BCE.

Today, lovely towns and villages dot its shores, making it a great place to both relax and go on adventures. Tourists can take long walks along the water, take boats to the beautiful Isola Maggiore or Isola Polvese, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere surrounded by green nature.

With its quiet atmosphere, sparkling water, and beautiful views, the lake is a great place to get away from the busy city of Perugia.

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Corso Vannucci

This old street is the main route through Perugia. It is lined with beautiful ancient and Renaissance buildings that house charming cafes, small shops, and important cultural sites.
The cobblestone street was named after the famous Italian Renaissance architect and artist Pietro Vannucci. It has a lively vibe and is always busy.

The street goes to Piazza IV November, the city’s main square. There, the beautiful Fontana Maggiore and the Palazzo dei Priori stand tall, showcasing Perugia’s historic charm. It’s a great place to watch people because of the lively energy of the locals and the timeless beauty of the buildings and art.

There are some great bars where you can do this while eating Pecorino and Caciaotta cheeses and Prosciutto di Norcia, which is our personal favorite.

National Gallery of Umbria

This gallery is located in the famous Palazzo dei Priori, which dates back to the 13th century. It has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Famous artists like Perugino, Pinturicchio, and Beato Angelico made some of the museum’s most impressive pieces. Together, the displays give you a great look at how art in Umbria has changed over time.

The amazing collection at the gallery has both religious and nonreligious pieces that show how the region’s art and culture have changed over time.

Overall, the collection is sure to please art lovers because of how many different kinds of art it has. It is a great way to learn about Umbria’s artistic history because it has everything from detailed religious altarpieces to personal portraits.

  1. What’s Perugia famous for?

    Perugia is known for chocolate, mostly because of one company, Perugina, whose “Baci” (which means “kisses” in English) are sold all over the world. In Italy, people like Peruvian chocolate. Nestlé has nine sites in Italy. The plant in San Sisto (Perugia) is the biggest of the nine.

  2. Is it worth visiting Perugia?

    Perugia is a great place to visit for a day trip or as a stop on your way to other places in Italy, such as Rome. There are a few ways to get to Perugia, depending on where you start your trip.

  3. What is a fun fact about Perugia?

    You may not be aware, however, that Perugia is one of the most ancient cities in Italy. It was founded as an Etruscan settlement, a heritage that remains intact in the city’s perimeter fortifications and enormous arch at its core.


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