Easy to enter In Germany for Foreigners! How

The German government has reminded all internationally skilled employees that they will soon be able to enter the country for work without having to follow tight criteria. According to the German Federal Government, after the Skilled Immigration Act goes into effect, skilled workers from other countries will be allowed to live and work in Germany without having to follow as many laws as they did before, according to

“With the Skilled Immigration Act, we are laying the groundwork for a modern immigration country that not only accepts but also desires qualified immigration,” stated Federal Labour Minister Hubertus Heil.

Skilled employees from other nations will be able to enter Germany under simplified conditions thanks to their qualifications, experience, and potential, according to the Skilled Immigration Act.

According to German officials, IT specialists and others with specific degrees and the EU blue card who are in demand in Germany will have their qualifications recognized.

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This group of specialists will have the German language requirement dropped and their professional experience shortened when they travel to Germany for work.

Those who intend to travel to Germany based on their experience will also be able to do so under simplified restrictions, according to the authorities.

Easy to enter In Germany for Foreigners

“Anyone with at least two years of professional experience and a professional qualification obtained abroad and recognized by the state can come as a specialist in the future,” the German government says in a statement.

This means that the degree will no longer be required to be recognized in Germany, which will result in shorter procedures.

The potential is the third path for labor immigration to Germany. Germany has previously stated that it will implement an Opportunity Card that will allow foreigners to enter the country and stay for up to a year in order to find work.

Furthermore, Germany wishes to simplify job requirements for asylum seekers. According to the authorities, asylum seekers who entered the country, and have the necessary qualifications would be entitled to withdraw their petitions for asylum and apply for a job and residency permit.

Germany also wants to expand the quota for Western Balkan employees. This means that each year, up to 50,000 Albanian, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbian nationals will be allowed to immigrate to Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is a German visa easy to get?

    During the peak season, the median wait for processing for a German Schengen Visa application from India is 15 days (after the completed application has arrived at the Embassy). However, according to your specific case, certain embassies may take up to one or even two months.

  2. Can we go to Germany without ielts?

    Yes, you can study in Germany without passing the IELTS exam. If you finished your undergraduate degree in English, you will not need to provide your IELTS results when applying to German universities.

  3. Is it easy to enter Germany?

    Generally, for going to Germany, the easiest type of visa is often the Schengen tourist visa. This visa allows you to stay in Germany and other Schengen countries for up to 90 days within a 180-day period for tourism, business, or family visits.


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