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Factory Worker Jobs In Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

Look for jobs as a factory worker in Luxembourg. Start a job in Luxembourg, where the hourly wage is €18 and there are chances to get your visa sponsored. With a strong economy and lots of job chances for expats, this article tells you everything you need to know to look for work in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg’s economy depends on its manufacturing sector. It has factories that make cars, steel, chemicals, and electronics. These factories use advanced technology and new ideas to create a well-developed industrial setting.

Many people choose to live abroad in Luxembourg because it has low unemployment, low inflation, and steady growth. The global financial crisis hurt the economy, but Luxembourg’s public debt is still smaller than most European countries and the country is quickly getting back on its feet. Unemployment isn’t as big of a problem for people with college degrees, trade credentials, specific skills, or a lot of work experience.

Details Of Factory Worker Jobs In Luxembourg For Foreigners

Jobs TitleFactory Worker Jobs
IndustryManufacturing / Factory Work
Visa TypeSponsorship Visa
Age Limit20 Years Above
Education RequiredBasic English
ExperienceMust have prior experience in a factory or manufacturing environment.
Employment TermTemporary and Full-Time (Subject to Visa Extension)
Eligibility CountryInternational Applicants
SalaryMinimum Salary: €18 Per Hour

Factory Worker Jobs in Luxembourg Education Qualifications For Foreigners

  • The employee must get and keep a valid work visa that is sponsored by their company.
  • Individuals must have the right education or certifications to work in the manufacturing area.
  • The candidate should have worked in a workplace or other production setting before.
  • It is often necessary to be able to speak English or French, which is the national language of Luxembourg.
  • Show that you can handle different working circumstances and shifts.
  • The person in question is a strong team player who does great when working with others.
  • The goal is to learn how to use manufacturing equipment and other technologies that are connected.
  • The person doing the job must fully understand and follow Luxembourg’s work laws and rules.


  • Career Growth
  • Competitive Salary
  • Cultural Integration
  • Health Insurance
  • Holiday Allowance
  • Pension Plans
  • Social Security
  • Training Programs
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Weekly pay
  • Monday to Friday

Factory Worker Jobs in Luxembourg: Salary For Foreigners

According to the ERI Economic Research Institute, factory workers in Luxembourg make between €27,676 and €42,443 a year, or €18 an hour on average. Many earn more or less than that.

Who Are Eligible for Factory Worker Jobs in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is trying to get people from Asian, African, and Latin American countries to come work in its factories by offering to pay for their visas and giving them other perks.

There are Asian, African, and Latin American countries on the list as well as European ones. They are Trinidad, India, Dominica, Grenada, Bangladesh, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Pakistan, Lucia, Sudan, Montserrat, The Grenadines, Anguilla, Barbados, and Tobago.

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Duties of Factory Workers in Luxembourg

  • Also, make sure that the items meet the standards of the business by checking them for quality control.
  • Cleaning and sanitation: staff may be in charge of keeping the workplace clean and safe.
  • Maintenance of equipment People who work in a factory may be in charge of keeping machines and tools in good shape.
  • People who work in the factory may have to load and unload goods from cars, pallets, or other containers.
  • Some factory workers are in charge of running machines like assembly lines, presses, and transport belts that are used in the production process.
  • Packaging and labeling Some factory workers may be in charge of labeling and packaging finished goods before they are sent out.
  • Making the product They may have to put parts together by hand or with the help of machines at the plant.

How To Apply For Factory Worker Jobs In Luxembourg


Find out how to apply for industry jobs in Luxembourg that pay well, sponsor your visa, and offer competitive hourly wages. This guide has everything a person looking for work in Luxembourg’s manufacturing industry needs to know, including job requirements, benefits, tasks, and how to apply.

People Also Ask

  1. How much does a factory worker earn in Luxembourg?

    In Luxembourg, the average pay for a Factory Worker is €36,463 per year or €18 per hour.

  2. Which job is highly paid in Luxembourg?

    Magistrate Judge: 1,56,84,219
    Senior product manager
    Bank Manager1,12,39,446


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