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Assistant Store Manager Jobs in Qatar 2024 – Apply Now

Splash Qatar is in the process of recruiting an Assistant Store Manager. You will assume a critical responsibility as an Assistant Store Manager, providing indispensable support to the Store Manager in the execution of daily store operations and guaranteeing an outstanding client experience.

Details About Assistant Store Manager Jobs in Qatar:

  • Company: Splash Qatar
  • Title: Assistant Store Manager Jobs in Qatar
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Part-time
  • Salary: QR 2500.00- QR 7500.00 per month
  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Education: High School / Bachelors Degree / Diploma 
  • Experience: 1-2 Years of Experience in a Related Field

Responsibilities of Assistant Store Manager Jobs in Qatar:

  • Provide support to the Store Manager in overseeing inventory management, customer service, and sales, among other facets of store operations.
  • Ensure that the store staff meets sales quotas and provides superior customer service by supervising and training them.
  • Assist in the execution of promotional activities and sales strategies to increase revenue and meet sales objectives.
  • Supervise inventory levels and ensure that stock is replenished and managed appropriately.
  • Effectively manage customer complaints, inquiries, and escalated issues with professionalism and promptness.
  • Maintain standards for visual merchandising and store hygiene.
  • Generate store performance reports and offer analysis and suggestions for enhancing profitability and efficiency.
  • Assist in the employment, onboarding, and recruitment of new store employees.

Education and Qualifications for Assistant Store Manager Jobs in Qatar:

  • Retail management, business administration, or a closely related bachelor’s degree.
  • Possess prior experience in an assistant management or retail management capacity, preferably within the fashion or retail sectors.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and leadership abilities.
  • Outstanding abilities in customer service and communication.
  • Proficiency in retail operations, encompassing inventory management and sales techniques.
  • Microsoft Office suite and retail management software expertise.

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Benefits of Assistant Store Manager Jobs in Qatar:

  • Competitive Compensation: In Qatar, assistant store managers are generally remunerated competitively, with the possibility of receiving performance-based compensation or incentives.
  • Prospects for Professional Development: The Assistant Store Manager position offers prospects for professional growth and development within the retail sector. Enhanced performance has the potential to result in advancements to more senior management roles.
  • Training and Development: A considerable number of employers provide training and development initiatives aimed at augmenting the competencies and proficiencies of assistant store managers. Such programs serve to foster their career progression and development.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although retail management roles frequently entail certain levels of accountability beyond standard operating hours, the schedules of assistant store managers are typically more consistent, thereby facilitating a more favorable equilibrium between professional and personal life.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Medical insurance coverage, among others, may be provided to assistant store managers by their employers to assist in the provision of medical expenses for the employees and their families.
  • Employee Discounts: Assistance Store Managers are eligible for employee discounts on store-sold merchandise, which enables them to make personal purchases at a reduced cost.
  • Experience in Leadership: In addition to managing a team of employees and supervising store operations, assistant store managers gain leadership experience that can be advantageous for future career opportunities.
  • Contribution to Business Success: Assistant Store Managers make a significant business impact by actively participating in sales promotion, inventory management, and customer service excellence; thus, they directly contribute to the store’s profitability and overall success.
  • Dynamic Work Environment: Retail management is characterized by a dynamic and fast-paced work environment that presents novel opportunities to solve problems and foster innovation.
  • Cultural Immersion: Qatar is renowned for its rich cultural diversity; therefore, the position of assistant store manager offers the chance to engage with individuals of various nationalities and backgrounds, thereby enriching and diversifying the work experience.

How to Apply:

Please follow the online application submission instructions after clicking the “Apply Now” icon below to be considered for the Assistant Store Manager position at Splash Qatar.


Join the Splash Qatar team and assist in the administration of our retail establishments in Qatar. This position provides a dynamic work environment, competitive compensation, and opportunities for career advancement. Apply immediately to join our committed team!

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  1. What is the role of an assistant store manager?

    Assistant Managers or Assistant Store Managers assist retail store managers with day-to-day operations. Their primary duties consist of providing customer service, managing personnel, and gaining control in the manager’s absence.

  2. Is the assistant manager a good job?

    Employers may offer benefits equivalent to those of a manager in addition to competitive compensation for assistant manager roles. As an associate manager holds a position of subordination to that of a manager, their salary may be somewhat lower.

  3. What is the assistant manager level?

    An assistant manager usually sits one tier beneath a manager inside an organization. In the manager’s absence from work, the assistant manager has the authority to carry out most of the manager’s responsibilities. The assistant manager usually serves as a link between senior management and customers and employees.


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