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Fruit Picker Jobs In Poland With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Want to work as a fruit picker in Poland? This piece talks about what the job entails, the benefits, how to get a visa, and where male and female employees can stay for free. In the farming sector, Poland hires people from Asia, Africa, and South America who don’t have experience. International applicants can find seasonal fruit picker work in Poland, mostly by hiring a lot of people at once when they need to.

In Poland during the winter, people want to pick fruit, and companies often pay for trips for people from other countries who are looking for work. If you want to get a high-paying job, you need to know what the business expects and how to apply. For your convenience, the job description and qualifications are given.

Details of Fruit Picker Jobs In Poland With Visa Sponsorship

Job TitleFruit Picker Jobs
Jobs TypeFull-Time
Visa SponsorshipYes
Who Can ApplyAll Nationalities
EducationsHigh School / Secondary / Bachelor’s degree
Age Limit20 Years Above
Food FreeNo
Work ExperienceMinimum 1-2 Years Experience
Duty Timing8 Hours a day / 5 days a week
Contract2 Years
SalaryAverage Salary Pay €1,200 Per Month

Available Jobs in Poland Of Fruit Picker With Visa Sponsorship

  • Berry picker
  • Crop harvester
  • Crop picker
  • Farm hands
  • Greenhouse labour
  • Fruit & vegetable picker
  • Fruit and veg harvester
  • Fruit and veg picker
  • Fruit and vegetable harvester
  • Fruit and vegetable pickers
  • Fruit picker
  • Vegetable picker
  • Seed technicians
  • Farm Operator
  • Nursery and Grounds associates

Benefits Of Fruit Picker Jobs

  • Occupational Setting: Fruit harvesting duties generally entail laboring in fields or orchards, enveloped by the natural environment. This may appeal to individuals who have a preference for working outdoors rather than in a conventional office environment.
  • Physical Demands: Fruit harvesting requires considerable physical exertion, including bending, lifting, and reaching. Those who take pleasure in physical activity and demand a challenge can benefit from fruit picking as it offers beneficial exercise and enhances overall health and fitness.
  • Variety of Locations: A multitude of settings can be found offering fruit harvesting employment opportunities: Opportunities abound in rural farms and picturesque countryside environments across the globe. This affords workers the chance to travel and explore, enabling them to gain knowledge of diverse cultures and regions while earning a living.
  • Seasonal Employment: Although fruit harvesting jobs are frequently associated with specific times of the year, they can offer individuals seeking to supplement their income during those periods temporary employment opportunities. Seasonal employment can be especially attractive to individuals who are students, retirees, or have other flexible obligations.
  • Possibility for Education: Fruit-picking positions provide the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding horticulture, agriculture, and the cultivation of various fruit varieties. Personnel may acquire knowledge and abilities pertaining to the cultivation, harvesting, and maintenance of fruit commodities that are beneficial for future endeavors or personal pursuits.
  • Social Interaction: Fruit picking frequently entails collaborative efforts, providing prospects for laborers from various backgrounds to encounter and engage in conversation with one another. Engaging in social activities can enhance the overall job experience and foster the formation of meaningful connections and friendships.
  • Potential for Earnings: Although fruit harvesting may not consistently provide substantial remuneration, employees may be able to augment their earnings through piece-rate labor or overtime assignments during periods of high harvest activity. Additional incentives offered by certain employers include performance-based rewards and bonuses.
  • Satisfaction of Harvesting: One cannot find a greater sense of fulfillment than when one harvests fresh produce directly from the source. Employees can derive a sense of satisfaction from the fact that their efforts contribute to the creation of nourishing cuisine that will be savored by others.

Requirements Of Fruit Picker in Poland

  • Able to work on-site for long hours.
  • Hand-eye coordination is very good.
  • communication skills.
  • Knowing how to grow in the best way possible.
  • Must be in good physical shape.

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Average Salary Of Fruit Pickers in Poland

In Poland, the average monthly pay for people who pick fruit and vegetables is €1,200. This amount can go up or down depending on their performance during the job.

How to Apply Fruit Picker in Poland For Foreigners

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Start a rewarding job as a fruit picker in Poland in 2024. People from all over the world are welcome to work in farming there, and no experience is needed. Berry pickers, crop harvesters, and farm hands are just a few of the jobs that are open. Successful applicants can get a visa, stay for free, and make an average of €1,200 per month.

The work is done on-site for long hours, so you need to be physically fit and have good hand-eye balance. Fruit picker jobs in Poland are good for people of all countries and educational levels, whether they’re looking for short-term work or something that will last a long time. Apply right away to take advantage of this chance to gain valuable experience in Poland’s farming business.

  1. What is the average salary for fruit pickers in Poland?

    Fruit pickers in Poland can expect to make around €1,200 a month, but this depends on how well they do their job and how much work they have to do.

  2. How can foreigners apply for fruit picker jobs in Poland?

    If you are not from Poland and want to work as a fruit picker, you can look for jobs through recruitment agencies, online job boards, or by calling farms and farming companies directly.


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