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Job Seeker Visa in Norway 2024 – Work in Norway 

In 2024, are you planning to travel to Norway for work? Apply for a Job Seeker Visa in Norway to have the opportunity to live a comfortable and fulfilling life there. The Norway Job Seeker Visa is specifically intended for foreign professionals and graduates who wish to work in Norway’s rapidly growing industries.

It is a blessing for all EU/EEA nationals that they can live and work in Norway without specific authorization. After arriving, they simply have to register with the police for three months. However, some residents of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland are able to work in Norway without a police registration. Notifying them of their transfer to the National Population Register is necessary. The full, step-by-step instructions are shown below.

Details of Job Seeker Visa in Norway 2024

Host CountryNorway
Visa TypeJob Seeker Visa
Eligible ForInternational Foreign

Key Points For Job Holders in Norway

For those candidates who have been hired by a Norwegian company, the following are crucial details you should be aware of:

  • There are positions available full-time.
  • Non-Norwegian citizens are paid the same as Norwegian nationals, per the equivalent roles.
  • Not a child, but an adult, is required.
  • You have to be criminal-free.

Qualifications and Eligibility for Application

You may be qualified for the Norway Job Seeker Visa if you meet one of these requirements.

Completed College Education:

The applicant needs to have earned their degree from a college or institution.

Specific Occupation Training:

Received training in a particular occupation is also required.

Special Qualifications:

Candidates must, even in the absence of formal education, have special abilities pertinent to a position.

Visa-Free Agreement Route

Candidates may apply for a work visa from non-EU nations that have a visa-free agreement with Norway. It allows you to work while looking for a job for a maximum of one year.

Visa-Free Citizenship Requirements for Skilled Job Seekers

The following requirements apply if you are a citizen of one of the nations with visa-free agreements with Norway:

  • Payment of the application fee is required.
  • You have to be a citizen of a nation with a visa-free agreement.
  • You have to be eligible to work as a skilled worker.
  • Your job search should be concentrated on skilled positions.
  • To cover your living expenditures for six months, you need to have at least NOK 139,347.

How to Apply?

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With the Norway Job Seeker Visa, overseas professionals and recent graduates can look for work in some of Norway’s fastest-growing industries. After meeting certain requirements, such as having finished college, having received specialized training for a particular job, or having unique skills, candidates are eligible to look for work in Norway for a maximum of one year. Simply follow the guidelines to submit your application and start your rewarding job experience in Norway.

People Also Ask

  1. Who is eligible for the Norway Job Seeker Visa?

    Candidates who have finished their college degree, received specialized training for their field, or have other skills pertinent to a career in Norway’s labor market are eligible.

  2. How can applicants from non-EU nations apply for the Norway Job Seeker Visa?

    Candidates from non-EU countries that have visa-free agreements with Norway may apply for a work visa, which enables them to work for a maximum of one year while looking for employment.


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