Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs in the World

Vertical sea rocks along the coast are the best way to feel like you’re at the end of the world. When you stand on top of these high hills, all you can see is the vast ocean, with big waves crashing against the rocks below.

List of Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs in the World:


Sagres is a beautiful place to visit on Portugal’s western Algarve Coast. It is known for its impressive rocks, which were formed by rough seas and strong winds. The deep blue Atlantic Ocean makes Sagres even more beautiful.

When compared to other parts of the Algarve, the beaches on their own seem to be empty. The ocean makes some pretty good waves, so Sagres is famous among surfers. On the way in, surfers can enjoy the views from the cliffs.


When people go to the cliffs at Skansbukta, Svalbard, they can look at the barren cliffs that stand out in green scenery and think about the past. The area used to be a gypsum mine, and items from that time can be found on the beach. There is also a trapper’s cabin here. People are told not to try to climb the hill from the beach because rocks could fall and hurt them. The best way to get here is to travel by boat.

Qingshui Cliffs

The Qingshui Cliff is so amazing that the Taiwanese government calls it one of Taiwan’s eight wonders. The rocks are more than 800 meters (2,600 feet) high and run for 13 miles along the Pacific Coast.

The rocks, which are made of marble and gneiss, are on the only coastal road in Tanoko National Park. The cliff with the most drop-off is on the southeast side of Mt. Qingshui. The old road, which is now a walking path, was turned into a tunnel for a new highway.

Dingli Cliffs

The highest point in the Maltese Islands is the Dingli Cliffs, which are on the west side of Malta. Even though the cliffs are only 250 meters (830 feet) high, the best way to see them is from a boat. However, those who walk to the top of the cliffs will be rewarded with beautiful views of the area. Sunset is a great time to see the cliffs. On the edge of the cliff, they will also find a small church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.

Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs in the World
Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs in the World

Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak, which is 1,690 meters (5,500 feet) high, is the world’s tallest sea cliff. Other rocks in the Sound are also among the world’s tallest. It is one of the most photographed rocks in Milford Sound, which is on the South Island. Since the mountain looks like a bishop’s hat, it was given the name “Mitre.” People often take boat tours to see Mitre’s sea rocks. Mitre Peak is a group of five hills that look like they are all one.

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From the top of Norway’s Hornelen mountain or a boat going through the country’s fjords, you can see beautiful sights. This beautiful sea rock is Europe’s tallest, at 860 meters (2,820 feet). It is possible to walk to the top of the cliff, but hikers should know that the trail is steep and hard, and only experienced hikers should try it.

Some people who like to stay inside may want to see it from a boat. Hornelen, which is on Bremangerlandet Island, has beautiful scenery, and the cliff is also used to guide ships.

Slieve League

The rocks at Slieve League are one of the highest in Europe, at 601 meters (1,972 feet) high. The cliffs are in Ireland’s County Donegal and look out over the Atlantic Ocean. They are easier to get to than some other cliffs because you can drive to the viewing area, but only experienced walkers should go past the viewing area. On the way, you can see what’s left of an early Christian convent.

Cape Enniberg

The most northern point of the Faroe Islands is Cape Enniberg. On Viboy Island, it is almost 750 meters (2,500 feet) tall. Hikers can get to the top if they are very skilled and have a guide, but if they do, they should be aware that heavy fog can roll in at any time.

During the summer, you can take a boat to the cape. People who go to the Cape should bring binoculars because it is home to a large group of birds.

Paracas Sea Cliffs

On the southern coast of Peru, Paracas National Reserve is a famous place to go to see nature and go to the beach. Many kinds of animals, especially birds, live in the area. Most of these birds live near the water. Thousands of these live in the sea rocks that line the beaches. A trip to Paracas wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the beautiful Playa Roja, also known as “Red Beach.” Its name comes from the reddish sand, which is made of lava.

Bunda Cliffs

The Bunda Cliffs are just one of the many dramatic sea cliffs along Australia’s long shoreline. Aboriginal people call the Nullarbor seaside cliffs the Bunda Cliffs. The sea cliffs, which are 60 to 120 meters (200 to 400 feet) high, stretch for about 100 kilometers along the Great Australian Bight near its northern end. They are close to the Nullarbor Plain in a poorly populated part of Australia.

Along the edge of the Great Australian Bight, there are cliffs, beaches, and rock platforms that are great for watching whales.

Cabo Girao

In the southern part of the Madeira Islands, there is a place called Cabo Giro. People often say that the cliff, which is 570 meters (1,870 feet) high, is the highest sea cliff in Europe. However, at least three other cliffs in Europe are higher. Even so, it’s exciting to look down the almost straight drop to the ocean.

Before, you could only get to the tiered fields you can see below the cliff by boat. In 2003, a cable car was put up on the side of the hill so that farmers could get to these fields that are low to the ground.

  1. What is the most famous cliff in the world?

    El Capitan is one of the most famous places to climb in the world. Its sharp granite rock face rises 3,000 feet from the valley floor of Yosemite National Park.

  2. What is the world’s highest sea cliff?

    Mitre Peak, which is 1,690 meters (5,500 feet) high, is the world’s tallest sea cliff. Other rocks in the Sound are also among the world’s tallest. It is one of the most photographed rocks in Milford Sound, which is on the South Island.

  3. Where is a famous cliff?

    The Cliffs of Moher, also known as Aillte an Mhothair in Irish, are a collection of rocky coastlines situated on the southwestern periphery of the Burren region in the county of Clare. They cover a roughly distance of 14 kilometers (9 miles).


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