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Part-Time Factory Worker Jobs in Singapore – Apply Now

Unexperienced part-time factory laborer required in Singapore TCA Design & Build, a well-regarded and forward-thinking organization headquartered in Singapore, is presently in search of committed individuals to fulfill the role of Part-Time Factory Workers. Our company, which specializes in construction and design, is renowned for providing clients with superior products and services. Individuals seeking to acquire practical experience in a dynamic and innovative setting should strongly consider applying for this part-time position.

Details About Part-Time Factory Worker Jobs in Singapore:

  • Job Title: Part-Time Factory Worker Jobs in Singapore
  • Company Name: TCA Design & Build
  • Job Type: Part-Time
  • Salary: SGD$2150.00 – SGD$3550.00 Per Month
  • Country: Singapore
  • Work Experience: 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field
  • Education & Qualification: Bachelor’s degree/ High School / Secondary

Job Summary:

In your role as a Part-Time Factory Worker at TCA Design & Build, you will be responsible for providing essential support to our factory operations. This entry-level position provides flexible hours and the opportunity to contribute to the manufacturing of innovative products for candidates without prior factory experience. TCA Design & Build recruits individuals who possess a strong work ethic and an eagerness to acquire new knowledge, and it values diversity.

Responsibilities of Part-Time Factory Worker Jobs in Singapore:

  • Assembly and Production: Assemble and manufacture products in the factory by carrying out duties associated with assembly and manufacturing.
  • Quality Control: Ensure that completed products adhere to quality standards by inspecting them.
  • Employ Machinery: Employ factory equipment and machinery while being supervised.
  • Product Packaging: Provide support in the final stages of product packaging and labeling.
  • Maintain Orderliness: Maintain a clean and organized factory environment.
  • Acquire Knowledge and Adjust: Acquire knowledge and adjust to novel factory duties and procedures.

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Requirements for Part-Time Factory Worker Jobs in Singapore:

  • No Experience Required: Prior factory experience is not a prerequisite for this entry-level position.
  • Attentiveness to Detail: Capacity for maintaining quality standards and paying close attention to detail.
  • Physical Stamina: Possesses the ability to perform physically taxing duties in a manufacturing environment.
  • Desire to Learn: Profound eagerness to acquire knowledge and adjust to a diverse range of factory duties and obligations.
  • Team Player: Capability to collaborate effectively with others and foster a positive team atmosphere; team player.
  • Safety-Conscious: Adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines as a top priority.

Benefits of Part-Time Factory Worker Jobs in Singapore:

  • Flexibility: Part-time employment provides individuals with the opportunity to maintain a flexible work schedule, enabling them to effectively manage their professional obligations alongside passions such as education, familial duties, or personal pursuits.
  • Supplementary Income: Part-time employment affords individuals the chance to augment their earnings. This can prove to be particularly advantageous for retirees, pupils, or individuals who have other significant obligations.
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance: Part-time employment frequently entails more flexible schedules, which in turn contribute to an improved work-life balance. This may enable individuals to allocate time for personal and leisure pursuits while reducing tension.
  • Expertise Development: The employment of factory workers encompasses a multitude of duties and obligations, which aid in the cultivation of pragmatic proficiencies. Practical experience can be acquired by individuals in various domains, including assembly, manufacturing processes, and quality control.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Part-time factory employment could potentially function as entry-level opportunities for individuals aspiring to secure employment within the manufacturing industry. It may serve as an initial step for individuals seeking to establish a professional trajectory within the field.
  • Prospects for Networking: Engaging in part-time work within a factory environment presents prospects for establishing connections with peers and superiors, thereby potentially broadening an individual’s professional connections within the manufacturing industry.
  • Employee Benefits: Although not all part-time positions offer the same benefits as full-time positions, certain employers do provide part-time workers with meal allowances, transportation benefits, and access to employee discounts.
  • Diversity of Roles: Factory work incorporates an extensive range of responsibilities, including assembly line work and quality control. Part-time employees might be afforded the chance to investigate various facets of factory operations to identify domains that correspond with their interests and aptitudes.
  • Training Opportunities: Part-time factory workers may be provided with training programs by their employers, which aim to equip them with the requisite competencies and understanding to execute their duties with efficacy.
  • Stability: Part-time employment in a factory can offer a certain level of job security, particularly when the manufacturing sector observes a steady influx of products for sale.
  • Economic Contribution: Part-time employment facilitates individuals’ engagement in the labor force and enables them to make valuable contributions to the manufacturing sector.

We highly encourage individuals who possess a strong work ethic, meticulousness, and a keen interest in working in a dynamic environment to submit their applications for the Part-Time Factory Worker position with TCA Design & Build in Singapore.

Application Process:

Please submit your resumes and cover letters via this form, by visiting our office at 01-07, Singapore 109763-309074, or by emailing

  1. Is it easy to work in a factory?

    The conditions in which a factory worker conducts his or her duties vary. You may be required to bend over and lift weighty materials or stand for a long time. In addition, you may be required to move efficiently throughout the workday. Certain factory workers pass the majority of their periods seated while monitoring machinery.

  2. Can I work directly in Singapore?

    Foreign nationals desiring jobs in Singapore are required to possess an active work permit or visa. The selection of a suitable permit is contingent upon one’s particular situation and proficiency level. Pass varieties include Employment Pass: for managers, executives, and foreign professionals.

  3. What type of labor is a factory worker?

    On a production line, factory workers operate tools and equipment, monitor machines, and, when required, clean and repair equipment.


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