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Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Most of our guests don’t have much training, so today we’re going to talk about jobs in Germany that don’t require much training. If you want to work in Germany, you have come to the right place. Here is a full guide to getting unskilled jobs in Germany and how to apply for them.

Also, how many jobs are there for outsiders without skills? If you want to apply for any of these jobs, you don’t need any special skills or a very good education or degree. But you have to meet the basic standards that the employer gives you.

German Labor Market:

Understanding the Landscape:

Germany’s job market is known for being stable and offering a wide range of possibilities. No doubt that there is a big need for skilled workers, but there is also a big need for unskilled labor in many areas. These low-skilled jobs are very important for keeping the economy strong and running smoothly.

Details of Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners:

  • Country Name: Germany
  • Job type: Unskilled
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: No
  • Age Limit: Minimum 22 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary: 9 EUR/ Hour

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Germany:

  • Steady Income: Unskilled jobs can provide a regular source of income, helping foreigners cover their living expenses while residing in Germany.
  • International Experience: Working in Germany offers foreigners the chance to gain international work experience, which can be valuable for future career opportunities.
  • Language Proficiency: Unskilled jobs often require basic knowledge of the German language, providing an opportunity for foreigners to improve their language skills and communication abilities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Germany is known for its strong work-life balance, and unskilled jobs often come with reasonable working hours and generous paid leave.
  • Healthcare and Social Benefits: Germany has a robust social welfare system, and even low-wage workers typically have access to healthcare, unemployment benefits, and other social services.
  • Legal Work Status: Working in an unskilled job ensures that foreigners have legal work status in Germany and are not working under the table.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Some unskilled positions may offer opportunities for career advancement, especially if you acquire additional skills or qualifications while working.
  • Supportive Work Environment: German employers generally value their employees and create a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working in Germany allows foreigners to build professional networks and connections within the country, which can be beneficial for future career prospects.
  • Access to German Culture: Living and working in Germany provides foreigners with the opportunity to immerse themselves in German culture, learn about the local way of life, and experience the country’s traditions.

Average Salary:

The pay for low-skilled jobs varies by job type and company. Here are some jobs that don’t require a lot of skills and how much they pay on average.

  • Factory worker: €10-€15 per hour
  • Retail salesperson: €9-€13 per hour
  • Hospitality industry worker: €9-€12 per hour
  • Cleaner: €9-€12 per hour
  • Farmworker: €9-€12 per hour

Who can apply:

In Germany, anyone can apply for unskilled jobs, but you have to meet the basic standards of the company.

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List of Unskilled Jobs Available in Germany:

Factory worker

Many companies in Germany hire people without skills to do things like work on the assembly line, package things, and check the quality.


  • You need to be in good shape and able to stand for long amounts of time.
  • I can do simple math and use a computer.
  • Paying attention to details and being able to do what is asked of you.
  • Willingness to work as part of a team.
  • Some companies might like it if you speak German well.

Retail salesperson

Many shops in Germany hire salespeople to work part-time or full-time, no matter how much schooling or experience they have.


  • Greeting guests and making the place feel warm and friendly
  • Putting things on display and talking about their features and perks
  • Trying to help customers find the right goods and sizes
  • Taking care of payments and deals
  • Keeping the place tidy and in order
  • Stocking boxes and checking how much is in stock


  • Good at talking to people and getting along with them
  • Attention to customer service and patience
  • How to do simple math and use a computer
  • Willingness to work flexible hours, including on weekends and holidays
  • Some companies might like it if you know German.

Hospitality industry worker

In the hospitality business, which includes jobs in hotels, restaurants, and cafes, Germany needs a lot of people without skills.


  • Good at talking to people and getting along with them
  • A focus on customer service and a nice attitude is important.
  • How to do simple math and use a computer
  • Willingness to work flexible hours, including on weekends and holidays
  • Some companies may want to hire people who speak German and English well.


Foreigners can often find cleaning jobs in hotels, companies, and public places in Germany.


  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors
  • Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens
  • Emptying trash bins and recycling containers
  • Restocking supplies such as toilet paper and soap
  • Reporting any maintenance issues or damages

Farm worker

In Germany, there is a lot of need for farm workers, especially during the busy harvest season.


  • Preparing the soil and planting seeds
  • Harvesting crops and fruits
  • Feeding and caring for livestock
  • Cleaning and maintaining animal housing and equipment
  • Operating farm machinery and vehicles
  • Assisting with irrigation and other farm operations

How to Apply:

In Germany, there are a lot of ways to apply for jobs that don’t require a lot of training, but the way I do it is through an online job site. If you are a foreigner, you can find low-skilled work on many websites that list job openings. Here are some of the best online job posting sites where foreigners can look for low-skilled work in Germany.


In 2024, Germany will have a lot of jobs for foreigners that don’t require a lot of skills. It might be hard, but if you do things the right way, you can find a satisfying job in this lively country.

  1. How do I apply for unskilled jobs in Germany?

    To work legally as an unskilled worker in Germany, you need to apply for a visa. The application process varies based on your age, job offer, and country of residence. For those under 25 looking for jobs that don’t require advanced skills or education, there is a special visa available

  2. Is it easy to get an unskilled job in Germany? 

    Germany needs more workers who don’t have special skills for different jobs, so people from other countries want to go there to work and gain experience. Although you don’t need any experience or education for these jobs in Germany, you still have to fulfill some basic requirements for unskilled jobs in Germany.

  3. Can unskilled workers get a work permit in Germany? 

    You can’t get a work visa or Blue Card for unskilled work. For example, you can’t get a work visa to be a cashier or a call center employee. If you apply for a Blue Card, your salary must be at least 58,400 euros per year (before taxes).


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