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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Finland for Foreigners 2024

Looking for work in Finland that will sponsor your visa? Want to know about the best jobs in Finland that can help you get a visa? Are you not from Finland and want to know which companies hire foreigners? When looking for work abroad, one of the most important things to think about is how to get a visa for the target country. Most of the time, it’s best to start by looking for a job that will sponsor your visa as an added bonus. This post lists the best jobs in Finland that will sponsor your visa.

Passport sponsorship means paying for someone else’s passport. Having a visa sponsor means that someone is working for your visa and supporting your entry into the new country.

This post will tell you about the best jobs in Finland that will support your visa, how to find a company willing to do so, the best companies in Finland that hire foreigners, the current state of the Finnish economy, and a lot more.

About Finland

Finland is a Scandinavian country with 5.5 million people. Even though the country’s population is small compared to its land area,. But this doesn’t really change how well the country works. They make and use some of the best technology and goods in the world.

The mix between work and life is great, and the working conditions are also great. People in Finland are always making choices and following rules that make working conditions better because they believe that life is more than just work.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Finland

  • Opportunities for Employment: Jobs in Finland that support visas allow foreign workers to find work in the country, even if they are not Finnish citizens or have permanent residency. This makes it easier for people from other countries to get jobs in Finland and follow careers in a wide range of fields.
  • The legal right to work: foreign workers can legally work in Finland if they are sponsored for a visa. This makes sure that they can work without breaking Finnish immigration laws and rules, giving them peace of mind and a stable job situation.
  • Access to the Finnish Job Market: Jobs that support visas are a way for foreigners who want to work in Finland to get into the Finnish job market, which might be hard to do otherwise because of language barriers or other restrictions. Professionals with the right skills can work in Finland by getting a visa sponsored by a company.
  • Quality of Life: If you work in Finland in a job that sponsors your visa, you can improve your skills and move up in your business. Foreign workers in Finland can get useful experience, learn new skills, and make new professional connections, all of which can help their long-term job prospects.
  • Global Networking Opportunities: Jobs that support visas let foreign workers fully experience Finnish culture, language, and society. Foreigners who work and live in Finland can share cultures, learn about Finnish traditions and customs, and become part of the local community. This helps people from different cultures understand and appreciate each other better.
  • Quality of Life: Finland is known for having a high quality of life, with great schools, healthcare, social services, and a good mix between work and life. People from other countries can enjoy these benefits while living and working in Finland with visa sponsorship jobs. This improves their general health and happiness.
  • Opportunities for Global Networking: Foreign workers in Finland can meet people from all over the world while they are there. Finnish businesses often work with and connect with other companies around the world. This lets foreign workers build networks around the world and possibly look for job opportunities outside of Finland.
  • Potential for Permanent Residency: Working in Finland on a job that sponsors a visa may sometimes give foreign workers the chance to live there permanently or become Finnish citizens. Foreign workers may be able to get long-term residency choices and eventually move to Finland if they become established in the Finnish job market and contribute to the country’s economy.

Finland’s Economy 

It has a GDP per person that is higher than that of countries like Germany and Belgium, and its economy is very developed.

International trade is very important for them because their exports make up one-third of their GDP. They send goods abroad that are made of metals, wood, engineering, telecoms, electronics, and technology.

Finland also has a very low jobless rate because its economy is strong and its population is small.

The cost of living in Finland is also pretty high. If you live alone in Finland, it will cost you between 808€ and 1,580€ a month, depending on where you live.

It costs 3.12% more to live in Finland than in the United States, making it the eighth most expensive place to live in the world. These numbers don’t get much better even though the country has a high personal income tax rate of 56.95%.

The relatively high taxes and costs of living are balanced out by the high quality of life, excellent healthcare, and stable economy. Finland has some of the nicest and safest people in the world.

Are There Foreign Job Opportunities in Finland?

Yes, there are jobs in Finland for people from other countries. Finland doesn’t have a lot of people, and some of the country’s businesses are having trouble finding workers because of this. Because of this, it is common for people from other countries to work in healthcare as nurses.

Most of the people working in Finland are over the age of 65. There is a need for foreign labor because young people aren’t prepared to do these jobs. This adds to the problem of an aging worker population.

These things, along with Finland’s highly developed economy, make it necessary for people to move there. Around 7.3% of Finland’s people, or 402,600 people, were born outside of Finland in 2018. In comparison to other European countries, this is very small. However, it is important to note that immigrants often have higher unemployment rates than locals. Because of this, there are a lot of foreigners working in specific jobs.

How to Find Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Finland

Finding a job that will support a visa is similar to finding any other job; there are just a few extra steps you need to take.

First, you need to decide how you will look for a job. Since you are not in Finland, you would probably be looking for work online. You should use one of the websites for Finnish job companies if you want to get things done.

You can be clear about the kind of job you want with these employment/recruitment services to help you look for one. In the job description, you should also say if the job comes with visa support.

Have family in Finland that can help you look for a job? Ask them to keep looking for jobs that will pay for your visa.

Additionally, you should think about looking for work in fields that often hire foreign workers.

Top Companies That Hire Foreigners in Finland

  • Supercell is a game company that is known all over the world, with offices in places like China and the US. As they grow, they will keep hiring both outsiders and people from the area.
  • Ikea is another Finnish company that does business all over the world and has a well-known online furniture store. And one reason they hire so many foreigners is because of how bad the country’s workers are.
  • Analyse2 is a business consultant who helps companies make more money, build new products, and do many other things. Most of the time, their clients are.
  • Fingrid: Fingrid is Finland’s company that moves and distributes electricity. Their role in the growth of the Finnish market is very important.
  • Cisco: Cisco is an American company that works with networks and also has a unit in Finland. They design, make, and sell software, networking gear, telecom gear, and other high-tech goods and services.
  • Relex: They give retail businesses artificial intelligence to help them plan on their own and adapt to new situations.

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Top Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Finland

  • Sales representative: Companies like Cisco are looking for people with this specialty who are very skilled. Salespeople are in higher and higher demand, and since most of them are foreigners, they almost always come with visa support.
  • Account manager: For the most part, foreigners, especially those who speak Finnish, hold this job. As with many other companies looking for workers in this area, Ecolab is currently hiring, and the job comes with Visa support.
  • Engineer: Most people in Finland choose to become engineers because the country’s industrial sector is so important to its economy. Engineers are needed by RELEX Solutions, FGR Technology, and Nigel Frank International. All of the jobs offer the chance to get a visa to work in the United States.
  • Software developers: Job openings for software writers are in high demand, which shouldn’t be a surprise since Finland’s main export is technology. Businesses like Jefferson Frank are constantly looking to fill this position, and they also help foreigners get visas.
  • Data Engineer: The job of a data engineer is another one in the IT field. RELEX Solutions wants to hire one right now and will pay for their visa.

Industries in Finland Where Foreigners Can Easily Find Work

  • Nursing and health care: There aren’t enough Finnish nurses, so a lot of foreigners work as nurses.
  • Manufacturing: Foreigners looking for work in the country can easily fill the many jobs available in this field.
  • Information and communication: This field doesn’t require language skills, so it’s easy to hire skilled foreigners.

Requirements to Obtain Finland Work Visas

To qualify for a work visa in Finland, each worker must have the following:

  • A contract of employment
  • A valid passport, as well as a passport photo
  • An application for a residence permit for a working person
  • Medical documentation

Application Process

The process begins when the worker takes a job offer from a Finnish company. In Finland, you need a written employment contract in order to properly live and work there.

Before going to Finland, the worker has to use the Enter Finland program to apply for a residence pass online. Within three months of applying, the worker must go to a Finnish diplomatic post or office and hand in original copies of the application’s attachments, which must include fingerprints and other supporting documents. If a worker can’t apply online, they can print the application form from the Finnish Immigration Service website and bring it to the nearest Finnish foreign post, along with any extra documents.

The Employment and Economic Development Office will decide if the entry is good enough. The Finnish Immigration Service, or Migri, will make the final decision once they are sure that the person meets all the requirements for a residence visa. Both the employee and the boss will get a written copy of the choice.

After it has been approved, the worker will get a residency permit card from the Finnish office. If you live in Finland, you can get a new one at a neighborhood police station for another year.

Top Job Search Websites in Finland with Visa Sponsorship

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a popular site for business networking. People looking for work in Finland can use LinkedIn to look for job openings. A lot of companies in Finland post job openings on LinkedIn. This includes companies that will help foreign applicants get visas. People looking for work can make profiles, get in touch with recruiters, and apply straight to job postings.
  • Indeed: Indeed is a complete job search engine that gathers job postings from many places, such as company websites, job boards, and staffing firms. People looking for work in Finland can search for jobs and narrow down the results based on the standards for getting a visa. Indeed also lets users post profiles and get email alerts when new jobs are posted.
  • Monster. fi: is a website for looking for work that is customized for the Finnish market. It has many job openings in many different fields. People looking for work can search for jobs by keyword, area, and industry, and they can narrow down the results based on whether the company will sponsor their visa. There are also resources on Monster. fi for career growth and job search advice.
  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a website where you can find job openings, reviews of companies, and pay information. People who want to work in Finland can look for jobs and read reviews about companies that sponsor visas from current and past employees. Glassdoor also gives information about company culture, how interviews work, and salaries, which helps people looking for work make smart choices about possible employers.
  • TE Services: The website Glassdoor has job ads, reviews of companies, and salary information. Job hunters can look for jobs in Finland and read reviews about companies that sponsor visas from current and past employees. Glassdoor also tells job seekers about company culture, how interviews work, and salaries, which helps them make better decisions about possible employers.
  • Careerjet. fi: is a job search engine that gathers job postings from different websites in Finland. People looking for work can narrow down their results by keyword, location, and field, as well as by the requirements for a visa sponsor. has an easy-to-use interface, and users can save job searches and set up email alerts for new job posts.
  • Jobbatical: There is a website called Jobbatical that helps skilled workers find work abroad, including in Finland. People looking for work can look for jobs based on their skills, experience, and needs for a visa sponsor. Jobbatical also has resources to help people move and apply for visas, which makes it easy for people from other countries to find jobs in Finland.


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