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Bricklaying Apprentice Jobs in UK Visa Sponsorship

Bricklaying jobs for apprentices in the UK that will pay for your visa: In the UK, there are a lot of great opportunities for people who want to start working as bricklaying apprentices. For qualified up-and-comers, we offer visa support. Our apprenticeship program is a great way for people from other countries to learn about and get ready for work in the field of bricklaying.

Details of Bricklaying Apprentice Jobs in UK Visa Sponsorship:

  • Title: Bricklaying Apprentice (Apprenticeship) Jobs in the UK Visa Sponsorship
  • Company: GetMyFirstJob Ltd
  • Location:  UK, United Kingdom
  • Salary: £10.00-£20.00

Job Overview:

As a bricklaying apprentice, you will go on a training trip to learn the skills and gain the knowledge you need for a successful career in bricklaying. To become a skilled builder, you will get help and advice from professionals who will teach you in the classroom and through hands-on practice.


  • Learn and get better at the basic skills of making bricks.
  • Assist bricklayers with the different building jobs that they are working on.
  • As shown in the details, mix mortar, place blocks, and build buildings.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines for security on building sites.
  • Using homeroom-based learning to figure out how to get hypothetical knowledge.
  • Join forces with the training group to keep track of their progress and growth.

Qualifications and Necessities:

  • There is no need to have experience putting bricks together; the apprenticeship is for people who are just starting.
  • Energy, dedication, and a strong desire to learn and improve skills.
  • Being able to do both hands-on training and learning in the classroom.
  • An understanding of basic building standards and a method that takes health into account are necessary.
  • The players are required to follow the rules, complete their tasks, and learn from their teachers.
  • Checking the type of work that building agents do
  • Giving out grants, like permits to dig or funds for plant leeway
  • Following a daily log of site activities and attending morning shift briefings

Benefits of Bricklaying Apprentice Jobs in UK Visa Sponsorship:

  • Legal Employment Status: Visa sponsorship enables individuals to acquire lawful authorization to engage in bricklaying apprenticeships within the United Kingdom. This guarantees individuals the ability to lawfully perform and reside in the United Kingdom, free from concerns regarding immigration matters or visa infractions.
  • Access to Training and Education: Generally, individuals who obtain bricklaying apprenticeship positions are granted access to organized educational and training initiatives. In addition to classroom instruction on pertinent subjects including building regulations, safety protocols, and construction methodologies, apprentices are provided practical training guided by seasoned bricklayers.
  • Professional Development: Bricklaying apprenticeships provide prospects for the advancement of one’s professional development and the acquisition of new skills. Apprentices acquire practical knowledge and techniques from seasoned craftsmen, thereby enhancing their preparation for a prosperous professional trajectory within the construction sector.
  • Career Pathway: A bricklaying apprenticeship that is completed can pave the way to a prosperous profession as a certified bricklayer. Frequently, apprenticeships offer prospects for professional development, including the ability to progress to more senior roles like site foreman, project manager, or even establish one’s bricklaying enterprise.
  • Competitive Compensation: Apprenticeships in bricklaying generally provide residents the opportunity to earn a livelihood concurrent with their educational pursuits. Apprentices may experience an augmentation in their earning potential as they advance in their training, thereby ensuring financial stability and security.
  • Industry Demand: The construction sector in the United Kingdom is characterized by a significant need for proficient craftsmen, such as bricklayers. An apprenticeship in bricklaying may result in numerous employment prospects within the construction industry, encompassing the possibility of securing long-term employment and job stability.
  • Practical Experience: Bricklaying apprenticeships allow candidates to gain practical, hands-on experience within an authentic construction setting. In construction sites, apprentices obtain practical knowledge and expertise from seasoned professionals, which are beyond the scope of education that can be acquired in a classroom.
  • International Recognition: The acquisition of qualifications and skills during a bricklaying apprenticeship in the United Kingdom grants individuals prospects for career progression and global mobility that extend beyond the territorial boundaries of the United Kingdom.

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What we offer?

  • You can get help and money from Skanska to get to Level 6 in either structural design or civil engineering design. You can get it by day or in blocks.
  • A great wage and benefits for disciples, such as London travel money, were sent back
  • Learning clearly and getting better are great ways to set yourself up for a successful and happy career.
  • Professional and one-on-one contact times
  • These are representative groups, such as women’s, capacity, pride, O.N.E. (beginning identity nationality), military, and mental health groups.
  • My Prizes gives you a range of shopping, eating, wealth, and travel boundaries.
  • 28 days of vacation a year plus holidays
  • You would join a mental health-awareness group where we offer financial help through our worker assistance program, mental health-awareness diplomat network mindfulness talks, and money drives


Find exciting bricklaying apprenticeship jobs in the UK that will support your visa. This is a one-of-a-kind chance for people who have never done bricklaying before. GetMyFirstJob Ltd. offers a full training program that includes both classroom learning and work experience. Learn important skills, follow safety rules, and join a workplace that encourages growth. International applicants who meet the requirements can get help with their visas.

  1. What are the responsibilities of a bricklaying apprentice?

    As an apprentice bricklayer, you will learn how to make simple bricks, help more experienced bricklayers with different building projects, mix mortar, place blocks, follow safety rules on the job site, and learn theory in the classroom.

  2. What qualifications are required for the Bricklaying Apprentice Jobs?

    For these apprenticeships, you don’t need to have experience putting bricks before. People who are just starting and have a strong desire to learn and get better at things should go through the training.

  3. How much do bricklaying apprentices get paid in the UK?

    In the United Kingdom, the average annual wage for a bricklaying apprentice is £38,847, which is £19.92 per hour. Most experienced workers may make up to £273,000 per year, while starting salaries start at £28,000 per year.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Asim, and I am a member of the administrative team. I hold an MSC in Generalist studies and have also completed a BS in Education. Currently, I reside in the United Kingdom where I dedicate my expertise to assisting individuals in their career development. Whether it's guiding newcomers in their career paths or helping them refine their existing skills, I strive to provide valuable support. Additionally, I offer assistance in finding easy job opportunities and scholarships to further aid individuals in their pursuit of success.

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