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Pakistani nationals with a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree from a university recognized by the HEC are being asked to apply for jobs in the FPSC. These jobs include Lecturer (Islamic Studies), Neuro Physician, Research Officer, Deputy District Prosecutor, Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil), General Staff Officer, Grade-I (Classified Radiologist), Resettlement Officer, Deputy Director (Town Planning), Assistant Animal Husbandry Commissioner, and Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil).

Vacant Jobs List:

  • Lecturer (Islamic Studies)
  • Neuro Physician
  • Research Officer
  • Deputy district Prosecutor
  • Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil)
  • General Staff Officer, Grade-I (Classified Radiologist)
  • Resettlement Officer
  • Deputy Director (Town Planning)
  • Assistant Animal Husbandry Commissioner
  • Assistant Executive Engineer (B&R / E&M)
  • Architect
  • Joint Economic Adviser / Director General
  • Director / Deputy Economic Adviser
  • Assistant Economic Adviser
  • Assistant Director / Mineralogist Surveyor / Drawing Officer
  • Assistant Engineer (Mining)
  • Assistant Director (Exploration)
  • Accountant
  • Oriental Teacher (Male)
  • Oriental Teacher (Female)
  • Physical Education Teacher (Male)
  • Deputy Director

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Benefits of FPSC Lecturer Jobs:

  • Stability and Job Security: Because FPSC lecturer posts are government positions, they normally provide job stability and security, as well as a reliable and long-term career prospect.
  • Excellent Salary and Benefits: FPSC lecturer positions provide excellent wages and benefits, such as allowances, medical coverage, pensions, and other perks, enabling financial security and a fair level of living.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities for professional growth and development are common in lecturer roles. Attending conferences, furthering one’s studies, publishing research, and participating in educational workshops are all possibilities.
  • Contribution to Education: By conveying knowledge and skills to students, lecturers play an important role in developing the educational system. Individuals in this career can contribute to the growth and development of future generations.
  • Academic Environment: Working as a professor exposes you to an academic environment, allowing for peer cooperation, research opportunities, and a scholarly climate that promotes intellectual growth and learning.
  • Research Opportunities: Lecturer roles frequently allow for participation in research activities, allowing individuals to pursue their academic interests while also contributing to the progress of knowledge in their field.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working as a lecturer helps individuals to develop a professional network inside the education sector, including fellow academics, researchers, students, and administrators.
  • Job Satisfaction: Many people regard teaching and academia to be intrinsically satisfying, with job satisfaction derived from favorably influencing students’ lives and observing their progress and achievement.
  • Work-Life Balance: Depending on the institution and job, lecturer roles can provide a pretty decent work-life balance, with flexible working hours and time for personal activities and family.
  • Contribution to Society: Teaching is a noble job that entails contributing to society by educating others and assisting them in the development of skills and information that can lead to personal and societal improvement.
  • Respect and Prestige: Being a lecturer at a reputable institution is frequently connected with respect and prestige among the community and academic circles, hence improving one’s professional profile.
  • Job Mobility and Prospects: Working as an FPSC lecturer can lead to a variety of professional prospects in the education sector, such as administrative positions, educational consulting, curriculum creation, and more.

How to Apply for FPSC Jobs:

  • Online applications can be made at www.fpsc.gov.pk.
  • But candidates who don’t have access to the internet can send their application to the Secretary of the FPSC on plain paper with all the necessary information and documents.
  • Candidates must pay a test fee of Rs. 300/- for BS-16 and BS-17, Rs. 750/- for BS-18, Rs. 1200/- for BS-19, and Rs. 1500/- for BS-20 and above. You must put the deposit slip number on the online application form or send the original deposit slip with the application form if you are sending it by mail.
  • The plan for tests and interviews is shown in the image below, and candidates must follow the schedule to be hired.
  • At the interview, candidates should bring their original papers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the Requirements for FPSC Jobs?

    For all FPSC jobs, you need a Ph.D., MPhil, Master’s, or Bachelor’s in the appropriate field from an HEC-approved university.
    For every open job, you have to have the right skills.
    The individual should be between the ages of 22 and 40.

  2. How to Apply for FPSC Jobs?

    Online applications can be made at www.fpsc.gov.pk.

  3. Who is eligible for FPSC?

    You must be between the ages of 21 and 30, as of December 31st of the year before your exam. You are ineligible to apply if you are over 30 or under 21 by even one day on the date mentioned above.


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