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Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA – Apply Now

Do you have an interest in agriculture and plant breeding? BASF Corporation is presently providing Breeding Technician positions that include visa sponsorship. Participate in our team’s endeavors to aid in plant propagation and research while advancing your career in the United States of America.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA:

  • Title: Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA
  • Company: BASF Corporation
  • Job Position: Breeding Technician
  • Job Types: Full Time // Part Time
  • Education: Bachelor // Diploma // Secondary which is as prescribed below
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Minimum Experience: Min 1 – 3 Years of experience
  • Salary: $21.69 – $30.50 an hour
  • Location: Acampo, CA 95220, USA

Job Responsibilities of Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA:

The following are some of your primary responsibilities as a Breeding Technician:

  • Providing support in the organization and implementation of plant breeding experiments and trials.
  • Managing the planting, cultivation, and upkeep of experimental plots and commodities.
  • Gathering and documenting information regarding the characteristics, development, and operational effectiveness of plants.
  • Performing genetic analyses and evaluations.
  • Providing support in the establishment and execution of breeding initiatives.
  • Organizing and managing plant and seed materials.
  • Maintaining and operating laboratory and field equipment.
  • Contributing to the analysis and management of data.
  • Working in conjunction with the breeding team to accomplish research goals.
  • Conforming to quality standards and safety protocols.

Education and Qualification for Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA:

For consideration for this position, you must possess:

  • An agricultural, biological, plant science, or closely related bachelor’s degree.
  • Significant enthusiasm for plant hybridization and genetics.
  • Requirements for Visa Sponsorship in the United States.
  • Highly proficient in data management and organization.
  • Capability to operate in both laboratory and field contexts.
  • Precise attention to accuracy and detail.
  • Expertise in the collection and analysis of data.
  • Although not required, prior experience in plant breeding or agriculture is an asset.

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA:

  • Work Authorization: Visa sponsorship grants individuals the lawful authorization to engage in employment within the United States. Foreign nationals pursuing employment opportunities in the country must adhere to this regulation.
  • Access to Job Market: Visa sponsorship grants individuals entry to the employment market in the United States, enabling them to actively seek out opportunities within their respective fields of expertise. Potential employers in breeding technician positions include agricultural research, animal science, and other relevant sectors.
  • Specialized Training and Experience: Expertise and Specialized Training Breeding technicians are frequently in need of expertise and specialized training. Sponsorship for visas could facilitate the acquisition of valuable expertise and skills in animal husbandry, breeding programs, and other relevant fields.
  • Career Advancement: Visa-sponsored employment in the United States may be beneficial for one’s professional development. Proficient development may be facilitated through engagement with cutting-edge technologies, research methodologies, and expert collaboration.
  • Prospects for Networking: Breeding technician positions may entail cooperation with industry experts in biotechnology, agriculture, and research. Networking opportunities may present themselves, furnishing individuals with connections within the field that may facilitate future career progressions.
  • Competitive Compensation: To recruit proficient professionals, employers who offer visa sponsorship frequently furnish competitive compensation packages. This may include allowances, benefits, and competitive salaries.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Medical insurance and other healthcare benefits may be made available to individuals, contingent upon the eligibility of the visa and the employer. The provision of healthcare is critical for the preservation of one’s general health.
  • Cultural Exposure: Employment in the United States of America affords individuals the opportunity to engage with a work environment and workforce that is rich in diversity. This cultural encounter has the potential to expand one’s horizons and contribute to personal growth.
  • Opportunities for Education: Certain visa programs may permit workers to pursue educational opportunities. Individuals who are interested in advancing their education or obtaining supplementary credentials may find this to be advantageous.
  • Potential for Permanent Residency: The possibility exists that specific visa programs could provide an avenue to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in the United States of America. Those who have expansive long-term objectives in the nation may find this particular facet to be especially beneficial.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Breeding Technician Jobs in USA:

To be considered for the Breeding Technician position with Visa Sponsorship in the United States at BASF Corporation, kindly adhere to the application guidelines that are available on our official website or job portal.


We cordially invite individuals with a fervent interest in the fields of agriculture and plant breeding to consider BASF Corporation’s Breeding Technician positions. Contribute significantly to plant breeding research and integrate into our team in the United States of America. Apply immediately to begin a fulfilling career as a breeding technician. Your presence is greatly anticipated.

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  1. What is a breeding specialist?

    Breed and select animals by their progeny, traits, and genealogy. Skill in artificial insemination methods and supplies operation may be necessary. Keeping records of the temperatures, birth intervals, or pedigree may be required.

  2. What is called breeding?

    Sexual reproduction that produces descendants typically plants or animals is known as breeding. It is exclusively possible between male and female plants or animals. Breeding may include the following: animal husbandry, including the choosing of rabbits, horses, and canines as specimens.

  3. What is the work of breeding?

    Animal breeding is defined as the process of pairing up domesticated animals with desirable characteristics to generate progeny with enhanced qualities. Several intriguing characteristics have been assigned reproductive values corresponding to these “qualities.”


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